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Hello I'm in USA and I'm playing Darkstar one with the mod Hidden Clusters 2.8.3 activated. At some point in the game won't let me hyperjump anywhere, it keeps saying this in German when I try to hyperjump:
"du kommst nur noch 0,2 lichtjahre weit wahle ein naheres zielsystem aus oder kaufe neue stutzmasse"
So I'm stuck wont let me continue the game. Please can you or someone tell me what to do to solve this problem? Thank you very much
Hi danu68, that means you don't have enough neptunium-mass for the jump. Solution: Contact the local Trading-Post (Handelsstation) and choose the dialogue-option "Stützmasse kaufen". You don't have to land on the station for this trade, just contact the station. Hope this will help.

The game mechanic works like this - as you can see in the first picture here - the jump to the designated system is about 3.7 lightyears. So the jump consume 3,7 kg of neptunium-mass. Whenever your neptunium supply is gettin lower than 100kg, you've got the option to refill at trading posts via contact-dialogue.

best wishes,


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Updated to version 2.8.4

And again there is a small update of the Darkstar One mod "Hidden Clusters".
This version 2.8.4 contains many small improvements, extensions and optimizations compared to the previous version 2.8.3.
Download link from Dropbox with the current version in the start post.

The previous installation can be overwritten, the savegames from 2.8.3 should remain largely compatible.

If changes were made in the settings file Options.lua , which is located in the mod subfolder "scripts", it should be saved before copying the new mod version and then written back again. There are no new entries in this file this time.

Please also exchange all function libraries ( BattleLib.lua , BattleLibEx.lua , CameraLib.lua , CameraLibEx.lua , MissionLib.lua and MissionLibEx.lua ) in the game's installation folder "lua\mission" with the new ones. The MissionLibEx.lua contains two new functions that are required from this mod version, the code of the other libraries was z. T. optimized a bit.

--------------------------- NEW, CHANGED, ENHANCED ------------------ ---------

* ALWAYS_001A, background action "Freighters after liberation of occupied systems":
  + New script that runs within 2.5 minutes after liberating one of
    pirate-occupied system lets fly in a merchant freighter.

* GLOBAL_000, terminal mission "Training 1: Basics":
  + Scores changed.

* GLOBAL_001, Terminal Mission "Training 2: Advanced Combat":
  + Scores changed.
  + Bugfix: Fixed a crash (CTD) on mission failure.

* STORY_002, Story Mission "The Lost Artifacts":
  + Scores changed.

* STORY_007, "Eona's Rescue" story mission:
  + Added a saved game (4.3).

* General:

  + Added a research station to the Grajuez system.

  + Removed StoryLock on Kosrod (STORY_009BSL) to prevent Mitris smuggling mission
    to enable orders there.

  + Fixed incorrect orientation of Thulhunters and pirates' frontal weapons.
    They pointed backwards, although they only shoot forward.
  + Mortok military fighter turrets positioned a bit more accurately.

* Darkstar One Modding Guide:
  Further additions and changes incorporated.

---------------------------- FUNCTIONAL LIBRARIES ------------------- ---------

* MissionLibEx.lua:
  + New function "MissionLib.LogGangDetected"
  + New function "MissionLib.SetWingMemberBoss"

Have fun!
Hello, where you can download this version of the mod? thanks
kenne die MOD schon länger und spiele sie von Zeit zu Zeit und hatte bis jetzt nie wirklich Probleme damit.
hab die aktuelle Version 2.8.4 heruntergeladen und hänge gerade bei der Mission "Boris Waffenfabrik".
das Problem ist das statt der Waffenplattformen/Minen nur Violette/Lilla Kugeln/Donats angezeigt werden.
damit kann ich die Waffenplattformen nicht zerstören und bekommen das Energiefeld beim grünen Tor nicht weg.

könnte das gleiche Problem sein das schon Ende März von Drogarth beschrieben wurde.
Bin für jeden Lösungsvorschlag dankbar.

Viele Grüße,
Hello Friend
in “The Odyssey “ side mission, i am stuck, my wingman die each time at the beguining. What can i do?