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GTK2 Texteditor mit Syntaxhighlighting und anderen Funktionen einer IDE

Version: 0.2.0
Betriebssystem: plattformunabhängig
Dateigröße: ~2MB
Lizenz: OpenSource
Sprache: mehrsprachig
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Geany ist ein schlanker Texteditor mit Funktionen einer IDE der sich auf wenige Abhängigkeiten beschränkt. Er bietet Syntaxhighlighting für viele Geany - Dateitypen.

Auch andere Funktionen die man von einer IDE erwartet sind in Geany vorhanden:
  • "Code folding"
  • Codevervollständigung
  • Autovervollständigung von XML und HTML Tags
  • Projektverwaltung
  • Build System

Auf den Geany Seiten gibt es auch fertige Binaries für Windows.

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Geany - Version: 0.16 - Update

verborgener Text:

2009-03-05 Enrico Tröger

* src/notebook.c:
Don't use menu item images for the tab bar menu to save some
vertical space.
* data/filetypes.fortran, tagmanager/fortran.c:
Add keyword 'extends' and fix Fortran parser to support the
'extends' keyword (closes #2654492).
*, plugins/export.c, src/interface.c, src/printing.c,
src/search.c, src/toolbar.c:
Fix punctuation.

2009-03-03 Frank Lanitz

* src/about.c, THANKS:
Added Jari Rahkonen to list of Finnish translators.

2009-03-02 Enrico Tröger

Adjust minimum required GTK version.
* src/, wscript:
Add main.h to the list of installed header files.
*, src/document.c, src/documentprivate.h, src/interface.c,
src/notebook.c, src/ui_utils.c:
Remove GeanyDocumentPrivate::tabmenu_label.
Disable the default tab bar menu for the main notebook widget and
use a custom menu instead which lists all open files as usual plus
'Close Other Documents' and 'Close All' menu items.

2009-02-27 Enrico Tröger

* src/callbacks.c, src/search.c, src/ui_utils.c, src/ui_utils.c:
Move ui_set_search_entry_background() into ui_utils.c.
Change the background colour of the search entries in the Find
and Replace dialogs according to the search results like in the
toolbar search field.
Add images to the 'Replace' and 'Replace and Find' buttons in the
Replace dialog.
Minor cleanups in search.c.
* tagmanager/tm_source_file.c:
Update source files upon creation.
* data/c99.tags:
Update C tags for glibc 2.9.
* src/callbacks.c, src/toolbar.c:
Fix broken non-incremental search with the toolbar search entry when
pressing Enter (closes #2638180).
* plugins/splitwindow.c:
Fix possible crash on non-32-bit systems (patch by
Wolfgang Ocker, thanks).
Update the Packager tag due to Dominic's various contributions.
Update description and feature list.
Change Source tag to the gzip'ed tarball to be in sync with the
Makefile target (thanks to Wolfgang Ocker for reporting).

2009-02-26 Frank Lanitz

* plugins/vcdiff.c, plugins/, po/
Removed deprecated plugin VC Diff

2009-02-25 Enrico Tröger

* src/templates.c:
Fix wrong Fortran 90 comment characters when inserting templates.
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt,, src/callbacks.c,
src/callbacks.h, src/editor.c, src/interface.c, src/keybindings.c,
src/keybindings.h, src/main.c, src/plugindata.h, src/vte.c,
src/vte.h, THANKS:
Add 'Send Selection to Terminal' command to the Edit->Format menu
(initial patch by David Gleich, thanks).
*, src/interface.c:
Fix mnemonic for the Edit->Preferences menu item.

2009-02-24 Enrico Tröger

*, plugins/
Enable socket support when cross-compiling.
Enable plugin compilation when cross-compiling.
* src/msgwindow.c:
Fix missing NULL checks when reading the colour value of compiler
output messages.
* src/main.c, src/win32.c, src/win32.h:
On Windows, change the working directory to the Geany installation
path at startup to avoid unwanted directory locking(closes #2626124).
* src/encoding.c:
Fix broken selection of "Document->Set Encoding" menu items.
* src/document.c, tagmanager/include/tm_source_file.h,
tagmanager/include/tm_work_object.h, tagmanager/tm_project.c,
tagmanager/tm_source_file.c, tagmanager/tm_tag.c,
tagmanager/tm_work_object.c, tagmanager/tm_workspace.c:
Don't let the tagmanager automatically reparse files if they
seem to be changed on disk (affects all files in the current session,
not the current one). This should speed up file saving a little bit,
especially with remote files.
Remove now unnecessary calls to tm_workspace_update().
* src/printing.c:
Allow an empty value for the date format in the print settings to
omit the date/time string in the print header.

2009-02-20 Frank Lanitz

* src/editor.c: Set cursor for LaTeX at auto closing of environment
direct into area.

2009-02-19 Enrico Tröger

* src/utils.h:
Add missing header include (closes #2615808).

2009-02-18 Enrico Tröger

* src/symbols.c:
Fix a possible crash when comparing symbol names
(could be related to Ubuntu bug #147151).
Fix broken symbol list tooltips when tag names contain ampersands.

2009-02-15 Nick Treleaven

* plugins/makefile.win32:
Don't build Split Window plugin on Windows (doesn't work).

2009-02-15 Enrico Tröger

* ChangeLog, Rotate ChangeLog.
*, geany.nsi, geany_private.rc, win32-config.h,
wscript, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html, src/geany.h:
Post-release version bump.