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Beta 3 is out.

Changes since Beta 2:

  • 'refixed' the collisions around the ruins and on one of the stepping stones, also checked/fixed collisions elsewhere
  • added collisions and raised some of the floor in the caves to prevent seeing through the terrain
  • optimised terrain for better fps
  • checked for and fixed holes and bugs in the terrain
  • added kill zones around the fires inside the caves
  • complete rebuild of the bot paths
  • added some sound effects

Wird gleich noch auf den Server #2 gestellt :)


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Thanks Jensus, I didn't announce it yet, because I found a couple of problems.. they're fixed now, so beta3b is available now. Hopefully it will go final in the next version :D
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Now I know what I'm totally missing...
Yeah, I'm one of the oldfashioned guys who listens to the map's music. So I'ld like to ask if you could add a track? Some of the standard files would be sufficient, e.g SDG-ONS04.ogg.


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Thanks Gorkon, I'd been looking to get some music in by the final, and SDG-ONS04.ogg is perfect, adding it now, should be going final this week sometime : D


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Hey Gorkon, good choice :) Great atmosphere now...
plugh, i used fly-by before the gameplay starts, so i found terrain bugs where no one will go in game (beneath bridges viewing up, top of arce...)
But that's no showstopper... looks good now!
Funny... the torch inside the caves are dangerous :D

Waiting for final :)


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Hey guys : )

The Final version is here : plugh

Eventually a friend submitted some music... so the download size is bit bigger.

Thanks for all the input over the last few weeks, really helped me get this finished, special thanks to Jensus who armed with eagle eyes and unbelievable gamma settings spotted all the holes, well done and thanks again!


: D


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Thanks, plugh!

Again: Well done. Ok, it's a manta run finally, but who cares? I'm wondering every time i play offline about your gread Bot support...

The map is on their way up to our Server #2 (, we'll see the statistic in 1-2 month ;)