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Hi Guys,

My latest map is ready for public beta testing, please be forthcoming with comments, suggestions and criticisms.


cheers : )

edit : late map name change
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B.Ohlsen der alte Schwede
It is a nice one, but a very, verry big Map with a good Botsupport.
Not many servers will be able to play this map if the player's number is less than 20. ;)
The Fires to the orientation look not very realistic. Find a better way to orientate itself.
How do I come without dying to the Redeemer and from there again away? Is this a "one Way" Point?
You should add some more StaticMeshes and lights or Lighting effects. The map looks at the moment very monotonous.
You can also use for the Highmap different textures to mark certain paths.

Good work, continues in such a way!


Great and huge map!

Mantarun to the redeemer? Und you get back with a double jump, you can easy reach the bank and walk away.


Bit buggy - i can fly with the Raptor into the rock below the right shield.

And - is it purpose that i crash (with Raptor) and die on the rocks layed in lava (deemer and shield)?


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Looks like some of the rocks in the lava suffer from the same problem as the ones at the shield - you can fly through them. Thus, if you try to land on them, you'll sink through and touch the lava -> boom.


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Good work, plugh :)

What i've found:
Beneath the arc (near Hellbender) you can walk inside it and have a look onto the bridges. It's on both sides of the arc and on both teams.
2 screenshots:
, result:

Personally i don't like the grid at each lavapoint... what's it for? And: No metal will resist lava longer than 1-2 days ;) :D

Second graphical bug: The rock wall in the distance suddenly switch their size if i move only centimeters, look at

Same questions for the lava with Raptor: Mantarun possible, but raptor explodes ;)?

2 hints: Add a prewiev for local VCTF map choice and add some sentences more, not only "Mind the lava" ;)
A small story like HobiWan do would be great...

But otherwise: Great map!


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Arkonit würde auch schon reichen... ;)
Mittels hyperenergetischer Bestrahlung und Beschußverdichtung wird eine Stoffkombination erzeugt, welche die Eigenschaften von Stahl mit denen der Polymere verknüpft und darüber hinaus eine künstliche Verstärkung der Kohäsionskräfte hervorruft. Der Schmelzpunkt liegt bei mehr als 30.000° Kelvin.

Welchem Gullideckel kommt solch eine Behandlung zu :lachweg??


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Ahh... plugh is up-to-date:

To Do:

Remove A Raptor each side, or double the spawn time on both

Check for and fix any terrain bugs

add collision around terrain on right side by the shield

fix Collisions on stepping stones in lava

Fix clipping on the mountains through fog

Move uphill spawnpoint, so it's not uphill, and a bit closer to the flag

Protect against flyby manta runs, maybe a cage around the flag

Fix Collision in bases to prevent flag hiding in the ruins

Proper Map description and pics in Level Summary

Improve the fire, soften it down to just smoke, and make the floor a hotspot rather than the grill.

Reduce saturation on sunlight slightly to make the roads and paths more defined


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Beta1 was played yesterday, i put it onto the second [SNC]-VCTF. Not bad at all. When will be Beta2 out?
We can organize a Maptest-event then ;)




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Public Beta 2 is now ready : )

Get it here : plugh

Changes since last version:

right hand raptor removed

fixed Collisions on stepping stones in lava

added collision around terrain on right side by the shield

Fixed clipping on the mountains through fog , raised the fog ring, and also raised the height of the flying area. Stallz and Killz now works

moved spawn point and weapon locker to behind Left hellbender

Fixed Collision in bases to prevent flag hiding in the ruins

Reduced saturation on sunlight slightly to make the roads and paths more defined

Added extra entrance to the cave, on the left side

Built Bases, now lit

Added Terrain around edge of map

Added Jump pads to the left hand side, across lava

Moved the Double Damage to small hill by the Goliath

Removed all sniper rifles, replaced with lightning guns (too easy to hide in the smoke with sniper rifle)

Improved the Karma Boosts over the lava, lot less chance of them 'missing' now.

Added lighting to the lava and the fire
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Short review to plugh...

- Collision Raptor/Lava (stones) still there

Fixed Collision in bases to prevent flag hiding in the ruins
Do you mean the bows of the arc? Still possible to step inside it ;)

- Lot of terrain bugs in the caves (yes, you did not put the hand on it, i know...): Jump beside the walls inside the cave, often you'll see heaven/terrain.
Some screenshots...



This is the wall without jumping against the wall:


and while jumping (<- try to simulate n00bs ;))




Jump pad over lava, lightning gun instead sniper, clipping of mountains fixed, cave itself looks cool :smokin, fire looks much more realistic now...
Thats all for the first review, more later...




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hehe thanks guys, the holes and the 'view through' the terrain I will fix by the final version, and hopefully I will manage to get them all. I have been fixing holes as I find them during testing, honest!

as for the collision on the stepping stones, thought I checked and double checked.. will have another look, thanks for the heads up : )


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Small issue: Some ammo packs could be grounded. For example, the Avril ammo in both bases hovers in mid-air. Doesn't break anything, but looks weird.

Tested some of the lava stones yesterday and they seemed to work (raptor hits the ground and doesn't explode like before). But I didn't test them all, so maybe Jensus found the one you forgot. ;)