[UT2004] UT2004 Patch 3369 ist offiziell...


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UT2004 Patch 3369 ist offiziell...

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Viele Fixes diesmal für ONS, der CTF-Exploide ist auch gefixt. Der Fix für den SekundärModus der Shieldgun zum Absichern gegen Ploppenschleim und Lava ist auch dabei.
Der Netcode wurde verfeinert, sowie die Änderung im Spielernamen. Die Pipe "|" wird nun automatisch in ein grosses i "I" umgewandelt.

Noch ist kein LinuxPatch da, sollte aber nicht lange auf sich warten lassen.

(...) Steve Polge drängt darauf, alle Clienten und Server auf die neue Version zu heben.
Alle Server mit den vorherigen Versionen werden nach einer bestimmten Zeit nicht mehr in der "WhiteList" des Serverbrowser geführt!

Epic Games, in their continuing support of Unreal Tournament 2004, has released patch version 3369 today.

This patch is completely compatible with the retail version - servers and clients of any flavor can connect with each other.
This patch will not overwrite your ut2004.ini and user.ini files, except to update settings as necessary. This patch
includes all changes made in Patches 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,and 6.

This patch should be installed *after* installing the Epic ECE Bonus Pack, as it updates some of the game code included with the bonus pack.

General Gameplay:
- Fixed DriverLeft() not be called when driver dies in vehicle without vehicle being destroyed. This fixes the vehicle not resetting, and fixes effects like the engine sound not being turned off.
- Fixed some vehicle weapon effects staying around when bots stopped firing them.
- Fixed spider mine layer incorrectly reducing mine count when a fired spider mine immediately explodes.
- Fixed manta and raptor spinning sometimes when player enters
- SPMA camera explodes if it hits water.
- Don't allow SPMA camera view to go outside world.
- Invasion HUD radar uses the viewed pawn's rotation rather than the spectator's rotation.
- Fixed low gravity not working properly in second and successive rounds of onslaught.
- Moved announcements for assault energycore to ASOBJ_EnergyCore_Spawn, and made them editable by level designers.
- Fixed spawning multiple energycores in Assault.
- Can now throw linkgun with 1 ammo left.
- Fixed exploit where shieldgun could be used to protect against lava or slime volume damage.
- Fixed CTF Flags not returning exploit
- Fixed stats tracking when a player switches between a spectator and active player (or vice-versa)

- Various networking serialization optimizations.
- Fixed issues where players would not properly be sent to the Spectating state on clients.
- Fix for eyeheight getting screwed up on client
- Server optimization - players don't do line of sight checks with each other
- Don't replicate pawn.ViewPitch to netowner
- Fixed CTF flag not properly attaching to vehicles on net clients.
- Made CD key hashes sent by clients more secure.
- Fixed various exploits.
- Merged Michiel Hendrick's HTTP redirect code improvements.
- Merged Fix for Map Vote Bug that cut off some chat text
- Merged Fix for Map Vote Bug that caused the window to open twice
- Prevent crash exploit (which was fixed) from being propagated to unpatched clients.

- Return rather than asserting in UCanvas::WrappedPrint() if no valid font.
- Fixed -Mod= to support proper exporting of headers
- Convert '|' to 'I' in player names.
- Fixed cut and paste error in MidGamePanel.uc that could cause crashes on level changes. (thanks Wormbo)
- Fix and optimization for projector rendering.
- Various changes to support 64 bit version.
- Scripted texture changes so they don't render upside down on OpenGLDrv.
- Fixed weather effects on OpenGLDrv.

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