[UT2004] Bitte ein Admin auf den Server, ein Admin bitte!



Bitte ein Admin auf den Server, ein Admin bitte!

Kann mal einer kurz auf den ut2004 vctf server kommen und tuck bannen? Der spammed text wie sau und singt irgend nen dreck. Der kick bringt nix kommt direkt wieder. Vielleicht liesst es ya einer in time. Cyall thx
nochma isch

Könntet ya mal nem dub adminrights begrenzt einräumen die hängen eh 24h auf eurem server und machen damit kein misst. Egal muss zocken cya
hey guys. sorry to moan (again) but atm theres just 1 person thats been annoying us. we have many screenshots and 1 or 2 demos of him botting. plus hes started to use the {DUB} tag when hes botting which is kinda lame. currently we know of the following nicks that hes used: [::!::]Necro-X , Plop, (DUB}sysX, 1337, uber. we also have his guid as he used to be a member of another clan but was banned for cheating. im not sure if its correct to post it on here but you can edit it if you want: xxxxxxxxxxx

We would have some epic stats of him cheating because of the number of headshots he gets but at the time the master servers is broken. i will be happy to provide some kind of evidence on irc, but i know that your channels are kinda empty. so if possible could one of you guys find us @ #thedubclan on quakenet. :)

edit. i think nova has created a post aswell
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