Speed und Keybinding Tipps


R.I.P. :-(
Hi folks,

I guess this isn‘t a "spoiler" since you don‘t have to use it...

If you want, you can use "setspeed 1.5" etc. from the console to increase/decrease the player‘s speed. You‘ll need to enable cheats to do this (as has been reported elsewhere -- you need to type bemymonkey to do this).

Also, a few people have complained about the dodging speed. This was an unfortunate oversight -- as has been reported, the current settings make this identical to a jump... This will be addressed if we do a patch. In the meantime, and I know this isn‘t an ideal "solution", a workaround is to use "set u2playersp dodgexyvelocityscale 1.5" to change this to what it should have been...

Yes, those were all console commands. Bring the console down with the ~ key (or just hit tab to get the command line) and type in the whole thing (with no quotes). Some commands are cheats in which case you need to make sure these are enabled (by typing bemymonkey).

You can also muck with the vertical dodge scaling via "set u2playersp dodgejumpzscale 0.6", for example. The "set" command modifies the value of a property for all instances of the named class of actor (in this case the dodgejumpzscale property is set to 0.6 for the player instead of the usual 1.0).

BTW, try this some time: start up a large level (e.g. mm_marsh) then type "addactors 20 u2pawns.u2mercjapheavy". Just make sure you have lots of ammo first.

There‘s no way to make this a permanent change in the current build but you can bind anything you type in the console to a key using the "set input" command which will at least make things a little easier. From the console type something like:

set input insert setspeed 2.0

(obviously you can use other keys as well, x, numpad1, greyplus, pageup etc. -- the file user.ini in your unreal2 system folder has a complete list and can also be edited directly while the game isn‘t running if you want). Then, once your level loads, just hit the insert key and you‘ll double the player‘s movement speed.

You can do the same thing with the other commands I mentioned earlier and "|" can be used to combine commands, e.g. the following gunk:

set input semicolon set u2playersp dodgexyvelocityscale 2.0 | set u2playersp dodgejumpzscale 0.6

lets you hit the semicolon key to modify your dodge speed.

- Mike Baldwin


Editing user.ini
Listed bellow are tweaks you can make to the user.ini (located in the game/system folder). Add the following keybindings to the User.ini file for easier use of the weapons.


Then, go to the Numberpad bindings and change to this:

NumPad0=sum u2weapons.weaponpistol
NumPad1=sum u2weapons.weaponSingularityCannon
NumPad2=sum u2weapons.weaponFlamethrower
NumPad3=sum u2weapons.weaponLeechgun
NumPad4=sum u2weapons.weaponLaserRifle
NumPad5=sum u2weapons.weaponGrenadeLauncher
NumPad6=sum u2weapons.weaponRocketLauncher
NumPad7=sum u2weapons.weaponTakkra
NumPad8=sum u2weapons.weaponShotgun
NumPad9=sum u2weapons.weaponSniperRifle

I also have these set up in mine...

L=Sum U2Weapons.ammoGrenadeEMP
J=Sum U2Weapons.ammoGrenadeIncendiary
K=Sum U2Weapons.ammoGrenadeToxic
O=Sum U2Weapons.ammoGrenadeConcussion
P=Sum U2Weapons.ammoGrenadeFragment
U=Sum U2Weapons.ammoGrenadeSmoke

With the above bindings added to the user.ini you get the following:

F1 - Enables Cheats
F2 - Turns on and off God Mode
F3 - Max‘s out your Ammo
F5 - Enables 3rd Person View

Number Pad 0 - Spawns the Magnum Pistol
Number Pad 1 - Spawns the BlackHole cannon (kills everything with 1 shot)
Number Pad 2 - Spawns the FlameThrower (lovely gun, I really like it)
Number Pad 3 - Spawns the Leechgun (little spiders all over your enemy, if your aim is good)
Number Pad 4 - Spawns the LaserRifle (kinda like a railgun, but has a alt fire)
Number Pad 5 - Spawns the Grenade Launcher (go blow some shit up, alt fire changes the grenade type)
Number Pad 6 - Spawns the RocketLauncher (better then most, really cool alt fire)
Number Pad 7 - Spawns the Takkra (You just have to see it to believe it)
Number Pad 8 - Spawns the Shotgun (just what it says, alt fire uses incendiary rounds)
Number Pad 9 - Spawns the SniperRifle (get you some long distance loving today)

The ones listed below are the different grenades for the grenade launcher:

L- Spawns the EMP Grenades (really handy in killing robots)
J- Spawns the Incendiary (Light up someone you hate today)
K- Spawns the Toxic (puts out a small acid gas cloud, eats threw metal and people)
O- Spawns the Concussion (knock someone off a ledge, cliff, or just have fun with them with this one)
P- Spawns the Fragment (Standard Grenade, does a decent amount of damage)
U- Spawns the Smoke (confuse your enemy‘s while you hightail it out of the area)