Select the best 5 Football(Fussball) club teams in history:

Select the best 5 Football club teams in history:

  • Inter 1964-1965(Herrera era:with Suarez,Mazolla,etc...)

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  • Liverpool 1977-1978(Paisley era)

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  • Nottingham Forest 1979-1980(Brian Clouth era)

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  • Marseille 1993(Reymond Goethals era)

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  • Dynamo Kyiv 1986(Lobanovsky era)

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  • Kispest Honved 1950's(with Puskas)

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Herzlich willkommen!
Hello mates.I am a new member here.
my Deutch isn't very good,so I will talk to you in English.
so,here are 20 of the best Fussball(football) club teams all over the history.please,select 5 teams that you think were the best exactlly 5!
I pick Milan 89'-90',Ajax 95',Juventus 96',Ajax 71'-73' and Liverpool 77'-78'
so,what 5 club teams would you vote for?


Welcome roni10_levi :) I´m happy to greet an English speaking member, cause I really like speaking English. I hope others who don´t understand English well, won´t be angry about English Threads in Supernatureforum, perhaps Supernature can create an English speaking part?

Hm I can see your favorite Football teams, but not 20 to choose from. Nevermind I´m not very interested in Soccer :ROFLMAO:

ok I´m really blind, I didn´t see the vote menu on the top :ROFLMAO:
Its just a bit late :sleep

Der Elwood

bekommt Übersicht
sorry, but the list is ***** ( "*" by elwood *g* )

never heard about the FC Barcelona???

2 times champions league winner !!!
4 times cupwinners cup champion !!!
3 times uefa cup champion !!!

and there is many, many more important clubs missing e.g. fc porto, fc valencia, .....

greetz elwood