Neue Opera-Beta, 1033


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Die neueste Beta, frisch aus der NG:

This is a build of Opera 6.01 for Win32 made on 2002-01-30
This build is experimental and may cause problems. Use it only on
properly backed up computers.
Do not distribute this build or pointers to it to anybody not on the
official distribution.
It may contain or reveal confidential information about Opera
customers, business plans, or other restricted information.

* Merged in fix for bug #60317 from main-branch. Buffer overrun with
long numbers. (Crash on
* Fixed bug #67517. Background color was set to transparent if no
valid color- values was set in a background-rule.
* Fixed crash problem when preparing URLs with UTF-8 URLS are disabled
* Fixed annoying scroll to formsobject when clicking anywhere on page.
* When reading plugins, the file extension of the first MIME type
supported by the plugin was set as extension for all other MIME types
by the same plugin. Caused major problems with Quicktime where image
formats were considered mpeg videos...
* Optimized opera:plugins and removed the bug that the last MIME type
line of each plugin contains all MIME types + the last one.
* fix for bugs # 54221, 58012, 58910, 61934, 65377, 65836: Opera's
internal message handling of plug-in messages is delayed to avoid that
Opera freezes when loading heavy
flash sites.

* fixes bug #67136:"russian page locks up opera and eventually
* fixes bug #58514:"Tooltip does not display correctly"
* crash fix, sdi mode and populating maillistview would crash, and
apparently the "set focus to another away while starting crash"

* Immediate composer font updating
* fixed problem with box-names on far-eastern systems, OE import would
also be affected by this
* fixes bug 66718, outlook express imported mail with attachments did
not get attachment attribute, and fixed problem with OE mail missing
sender and subject when larger
than 64k
* we now parse the header for attachmentinfo when regenerating

* updated bookmark file

can be downloaded from: