Merging Folders



Hi, sorry i'm not german.

My question is.

When you have say 3 folders on 3 different HD's.. is it posible to use 1 virutal folder to show the content of those 3 ather folders in the virutal folder?


der Monarch
I believe you meant something different than Supernature understood ;)

You would like to see the contents of two folders merged into one - directly, without one folder including just a link to the other one, correct?
First of all: That is not possible with BPFTP Server 2.x!

But I'd also love to see this function implemented in the upcoming G6 Server - and suggested it to the programmers.
The good news is: It will most likely be implented as a plug-in - but presumably after the release of the official version.
That is mainly because of some problems this feature will arise, such as being able to handle (or not) folders/files with the same name within two merged folders, and also the rights management will have to be modified - no "create directory"-possibility for instance.

I hope you find this information useful :)