[Internet] Opera 6.0 Final für Windows ist da!


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Und hier gibts die deutsche Sprachdatei (auch für die Final 6.0!!):

Kurz nach dem Erscheinen der Beta 1 von Opera 6.0 für die Windows-Plattform stellt der Entwickler der deutschen Opera-Sprachdatei diese jetzt auf seiner Homepage kostenlos zur Verfügung. Opera selbst bietet diese Sprachdatei noch nicht an.

Damit Opera 6.0 Beta 1 die deutsche Sprache erlernt, muss die passende Sprachdatei manuell nachinstalliert werden. Dazu kopiert man die heruntergeladene Datei "deutsch.lng" in das Opera-Programmverzeichnis, welches in der Normal-Einstellung C:\Programme\Opera lautet.

Nach der Installation wählt man in Opera unter "Preferences" im Menü "File" den Punkt "Languages" aus und stellt hier die Sprache auf Deutsch. Wenn bereits eine deutsche Sprachdatei für eine frühere Opera-Version installiert ist, muss man darauf achten, dass die zur Programmversion passende Version ausgewählt wird. Nach einem Neustart von Opera erscheinen dann alle Menüs und Dialogboxen in deutscher Sprache.


endlich ein Bookmark-Management

bin sehr positiv überrascht
Den werde ich mit Sicherheit öfter benutzen als den 5.12



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Gute News :)
Hier noch mal die Fixes für 6.01 (!) beta (!):
Thanks boobless for posting this on our forum.

A quiet 6.01 beta build 1022 for windows has been released.

here's what's fixed:

* Clear visited links in the Delete private data dialog will now also clear the visited date in bookmarks.
* Merged in HTML-banner support changes from main-branch.
* fixed crasher in ouniansi.dll initialization
* Fixed find in page, now searches backwards and finds multiple matches in the same textblock.
* Tuned the behavior of the font switcher. Fixes numerous bugs, among other the TM formatting bug, and also that for example chinese characters overlapped western ones. bug #54859 and #55642 and lots of others.
* Block printing from banners.
* Made fontswitching for forms (listbox and combobox) so javascript inserted text will display properly.
* Status check on files was wrong for several storage files, opera.ini setting for global history wasn't useable.
* fixed bug 63865 and friends
* Fixed bug #57254:

News source: Search Engine World
Download: Opera 6.01
This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

* Non-latin characters in the page names" now storing doc title as UTF8
* optimized javascript execution, same fix as in the build 1010 Jon sent out.
* changed distributioncode from Win_600 to Win_601
* 62424 - PathSeparatorChar was added to wrong string.
* bug #55188 revisited, now fixed the proper way
* Fixed file download resume
* fixed bug # 59526, crash on certain printer drivers
* Automatic Proxy configuration fixes, especially for large configuration scripts.
* Authentication, especially Proxy and Digest authentication. Please test on all kinds of authenticating server. I hope the repeated proxy-authentication problem is now fixed.
* HTTPS proxy fixed.
* Proxy fixes: Please check that the problems on Proxomitron about half-loaded images has disappeared.
* Authenticated URLs no longer inserted in global history.
* #56164 fixed gunzip problem with Save As and Load to file (transfer). Moved datadescriptor construction into cache storage. Download cache now strips content- encoding (gzip) before storage Made download cache URL unique and inaccessible to links (Like POST forms)
* Updated opera.jar, with the sync-fixes

* Update show window size, scrollbars, progress bar after clicking OK or Apply in prefs.
* Bugfix, when reuse windows is off, search field used to open results in a new window, even when the search was performed in a selected window.
* fix for 60377 and friends
* 57195 fixed.. sort of.. if a panel view is active and you press F8, then try to activate topmost browser window again and put focus to addressbar...
* fix for 59866 and friends
* fix for 61521
* fix for 61204 and friends
* OnMouseLeftDown was also called for dbl click events.. this is wrong.. caused too many gesture click history jumps etc. Fixed.
* doc context menu correctly aligned when clicking over forms that do not have their own context menu (non edit forms) also avoid showing context menu for forms if inside a back/forward clicking sequence
* Force url's opened from plugins to be opened in new windows when opened from the ad-banner window.
* Incremental search (inline find field) now works almost like it should again in documents.
* Hotlist now updates also when frame documents are loaded, not just the content frame (which you didn't bookmark..)
* Bugfix 60849 Ampersand in title displayed wrong in back/forw dropdown
* added support for new WM_APPMESSAGE commands. This should make special back- buttons on internet keyboard and mice work. Needs testing.
* reenabled some Win95 scrollwheel support. Needs testing.
* implemented simple "smooth scrolling" stuff. Default On. Needs testing. (option [User Prefs] Smooth Scrolling = 0/1
* Opera now respects the "number of lines" per notch setting for mouse wheels.
* cleanups and avoid catching some global keypresses aimed for plugin hwnds...
* Refresh document windows after change in document style preferences
* Fixing bug in statusbar: First ampersand in highlighted URLs was
* fixed bug 58763
* fixed bug 58720
* Fixed bug #58149:"[WIN95] [GPF] Using Ctrl-Tab causes GPF in Opera" Win95 is not happy about NULL pointer as second parameter, causes crash in GDI.EXE
* AltGr shortcuts shouldn't work in edit fields, they may mask important letters, like @ in Poland and Hungary. Same thing with Ctrl+Backspace that should erase last word in edit fields.
* 1,2,4 and 5 shortcuts now also available through numeric keypad. Gives single-key access with czech or french keyboard layouts.
* Open bookmarks in separate windows when opening the contents of a Hotlist folder (bug when reuse windows is on).
* Selecting Set as active folder in the bookmarks menu now also updates the hotlist window selected folder.
* changed default "Splash Text Position" value, fixes bug 63259
* Fixed bug #60517:"[IPF] Creating custom bookmarks file causes Invalid Page Fault" + fixed crasher when trying to show an empty bookmarks list on the personal bar
* Fixed bug#55188: "Opening blank windows, closing all of them and open new crashes Opera" The actual crash was in USER.EXE (win9x/ME). Removed a menu cleanup loop.

* Fixed bug #61682: "Importing Outlook Express mail crashes on far eastern Windows"

* Avoid event loops on microsoft.com and many other sites.

* upgraded ASPack to 2.12