[Hinweis] Table of free voices



Table of free voices

Table of free voices

On September 9, 2006, 112 scientists, social entrepreneurs, philosophers,
writers, artists and activists from around the world will come together in
Berlin, Germany, as guests of dropping knowledge. Seated around a vast
round-table in the heart of the city, these remarkable individuals, renowned
for the creative, social and humanistic impact of their work, will engage with
100 questions from the global public. These questions, selected by dropping
knowledge’s founders and ambassadors from the many thousands generated
by our “What’s Your Question?” campaign, will reflect the topics of greatest
concern to the global public, emphasize under-reported issues and engage
key themes endorsed by dropping knowledge in 2006.

33 metres in diameter, 103 in circumference, the Table of Free Voices
incorporates a camera and microphone into each of its 112 places, allowing
the complete responses of every Nominee to be recorded and catalogued as
an individually searchable audiovisual portrait. The seed-material of dropping
knowledge’s online Archive, the estimated 672 hours of content generated at
the Table will be transcribed, translated into multiple languages and made
freely accessible over the Internet.