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Daniel Vogel threw together a Lockup FAQ. Note that this isn't like the Infogrames tech support FAQ found here

We have ripped a local copy for you read on...

Game crashes to desktop without any error message:

This most likely is caused by our CD copy protection scheme. Please
contact Infogrames technical support for help.

Game crashes a lot with different error messages:

The game is certainly not bug free but if you experience a lot of
crashes in different parts of the game you might want to check out
memtest86 to ensure that the crashes are not caused by bad memory.

Random freezes/ hangs/ bluescreens/ reboots:

If you are overclocking any of your system components please revert
to the default clock rate even though other games and 3DMark might
run fine with your timings. Overclocking is a very common cause of
hangs/ freezes.

Please ensure that your GPU and CPU are not overheating. Having a
lot of fans sometimes isn't enough to guarantee a good air flow
inside the case as something could be blocking the air flow inside
your case causing your GPU or CPU to overheat and therefore lock
the system. Keep in mind that heat builds up very quickly. A lot of
customers have found that either ensuring proper cooling or
underclocking their cards have resulted in a more stable gaming

You should use the default "Software 3D Audio" for sound output and
you could also try playing without sound (-nosound on the command
line) to eliminate sound as the source of your problems.

If you have a lot of system components in your machine you might
want to ensure that your power supply can handle your system. This
has helped a couple of our customers.

Sometimes installing graphic card drivers over older versions
causes problems so you might want to try using a tool like Detonator
Destroyer for NVIDIA drivers to uninstall your existing drivers before
upgrading to the 40.71 drivers.

A lot of customers reported the 40.71 NVIDIA's drivers help with
random lock ups so you might want to give those a try

As an alternative to the D3D renderer you could try using the OpenGL
renderer as it might offer increased stability at a slight decrease
in performance and visual quality (no character shadows). To switch
from using the D3D renderer to using the OpenGL renderer please
change the following lines in your UT2003.ini from




At least one customer was able to resolve random lockups by setting
NoDynamicLighting to true in his UT2003.ini file. It seems to just
shadow the issue but hey, better than locking up

VIA chipsets in combination with NVIDIA cards and AMD CPUs seem to
be a constant source of trouble. Below are some helpful links:

Article about VIA problems.

VIA's website.

VIA forum thread.

Direct download links.

You could also try turning off write combing in Windows XP in the
Display Properties -> Advanced -> Troubleshooting tab.

If you are running Windows 2000 on an AMD CPU you want to apply
the fix found at the below website.

A link to a thread in the forums you might find useful.

If you have a Gigabyte GA-7VRX or GA-7VRXP motherboard you might
find the below link useful.

Discussion about lockup problems on our forum.

Some more URL's.

ALI(acer) -
SIS(silicon integrated systems) -
Tyan -

For corrections or additions please drop me an email at

vogel at epicgames dot com