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g6 ftp-server v3.2.0.72 released


Standard license now allows 2 domains to be online (instead of 1) and 25 concurrent connections per domain. For instance, this will allow the setup of a separate test domain.
ODBC support introduced. For testing, see : http://www.g6ftpserver.com/?page=files/odbc.txt
Translation (Languages.sib) :
- added forms TCompressionLevelsForm, TCompressionLevelsFrame, TIPLoggingListForm, TIPLoggingListFrame
- changes in TSettingsDomainForm, TDataModule1

[x] Admin : The first line in Transfer log disappeared after a refresh.
[x] Admin : An exception could be raised when banning an IP address from History.
[x] Admin : Fixed menu display problem when font is too big.
[x] Admin : Default log could be displayed twice when editing the domain while viewing the log.
[x] Admin : Fixed access violation raised on users/groups/admin users/activity treelistview when pressing left or right arrow and no item is selected or focused.
[x] Server : OnEveryHour and OnEveryDay were triggered every second during a minute instead of being triggered once.
[x] Server : Calculate quota was not returning current quota correctly if more than one entry in the access rights.
[x] Server : Restart position was not always reset to 0 when a RETR or STOR fails.
[x] Server : g6_script_js_vb :
- Client object missing the properties : PeerIP, PeerPort, LocalIP, LocalPort, HostName, IP and Port as documented in help.
- Functions OnEveryDay and OnEveryHour may not be called.
- Client.Send now sends the message in UTF8 if client is in UTF8
[x] Server : Process WM_ENDSESSION message when "Interact with desktop" property is checked in service, to not abort Windows logoff/reboot.
[x] Server : Groups were not loaded when needed for users using groups when using ODBC storage.
[x] Server : Renaming a domain would not update the domain rights of the administrator.
[x] Server : Timeout not applied when client blocks on a SSL operation.
[x] Server : SSCN is considered to be OFF when client lists a folder : LIST/NLST/MLSD.
[x] Server : A memory leak has been localized in events when application is executed.
[x] Server : Incorrect reply for LIST/NLST/MLSD/MLST when file/directory does not exist. The server now replies "550 File or directory not found"

[*] Admin : The domains list is now refreshed after a domain is edited.
[*] Admin : Redirect PASV IP is now trimmed to avoid trailing space.
[*] Admin : Improved browser speed when listing folders with lots of files.
[*] Admin : You can now select admins/users/groups by typing their name when the listview is focused.
[*] Admin : Status bar in domain activity now displays the number of seconds the user has been idling and the filename he is transferring.
[*] Server : Account returned by authentication plugins are now trimmed() to remove trailing spaces.
[*] Server : Relative message files (pathless) can be used with Merge://, ftp:// and other files resources.
[*] Server : Message file supports UTF8, UTF16 Big endian and UTF16 Little endian encodings.
[*] Server : UTF8 marker at the beginning of .ini files are skipped.
[*] Server : g6_auth_nt.dll : Changed LOGON32_LOGON_NETWORK to LOGON32_LOGON_INTERACTIVE when impersonating user so that encrypted files can be read/written.
[*] Server : Errors occuring in scripts for SITE Commands are no more displayed to the client.
[*] Trayicon : Active state icon has been changed to a user icon to be more noticeable.
[*] Trayicon : Menus/hint available in French and English (depending on installation language).

[+] Admin : Properties page is open when a new Class is created.
[+] Admin : Other rights are now grayed when "Deny" is checked.
[+] Server : Added alias "XCWD" for "CWD" command.
[+] Server : MODE Z : Compression level can now be defined by filenames or file mask.
[+] Server : IP Logging : You can define IP addresses to log or not.
[+] Server : IP Access : Entries between parenthesis like (gene6.com) will be resolved to their IP addresses when access is checked.
[+] Server : Recognize "A N" parameters for TYPE command.
[+] Server : Added event OnScriptError called when an error occurs in a script
[+] Server : g6_script_js_vb :
- A log will be created in "FTP Server/Logs & reports" when an error occurs in a script.
- Function calls to be able to change the server behavior when a client tries to change a directory, store, retrieve, rename/move, delete or make a directory (see manual / scripts / advanced).
- Function "Post" for Client object to return a message to the client (the "Post" message will be formatted by the server and prepended to the next server reply. Use "Post" instead of "Client.send" to respect status message format).
- Added Client.kick(), Client.AccountName, Client.Uploaded, Client.Downloaded, Client.Speed, Client.Speed_In, Client.Speed_Out
[+] Server : New tags :
- $DOM_DOWNLOADS, $DOM_UPLOADS which display the number of current downloads or uploads.
- $DOM_SPEEDIN[BYTE|KB|MB|GB], $DOM_SPEEDOUT[BYTE|KB|MB|GB] which display the current domain speed in download or upload.
- $SYS_FREESPACE(path), $SYS_FREESPACEBYTE(path), $SYS_FREESPACEKB(path), $SYS_FREESPACEMB(path) and $SYS_FREESPACEGB(path), e.g. $SYS_FREESPACE(c:) will display free space on c:\
[+] Installer : Check that value entered is a number and between 1-65535 for the remote administration port.

info & download @ http://www.g6ftpserver.com/?page=download&lang=en


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