Windows Manager für den X-Server

Version: Ewl 0.5.3
Betriebssystem: Linux
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Lizenz: OpenSource
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Enlightnment ist ein Fenstermanager für X-Windows Systeme. Er ist sehr stark an die eigenen Bedürfnisse anpassbar, z. B. durch Themes.

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Enlightenment - Version: 0.5.3 - Update

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Ewl 0.5.3 Released

Nathan Ingersoll - Jan 5, 2009 at 12:22 AM

I'm pleased to announce the release of EWL version 0.5.3. This release has some extensive changes, including the following highlights:
Fixed compile warnings on 64-bit systems
Improved entry selection and cursor handling
A variety of bug fixes and type corrections
Formatting improvements
Normalized widget realize/unrealize and show/hide
Cleaned out private headers to reduce build times
Rewrite of paned widget
Addition of constructor unit tests
'Create Directory' button added to filepicker
Kinetic scrolling added to the scrollpane
Stop building unneeded static libraries to reduce build time
The ewl_password widget is now part of ewl_entry to reduce code
Various feature additions to the filepicker family of widgets
Better robustness of ewl_progressbar widget
Split flags into attributes of the ewl_object and ewl_widget objects
Internal XDND support
Improved MVC selection handling
Addition of a SHRINKABLE fill policy
Improved container behaviour
Keybinding support for the ewl_text widget
Addition of an ewl_icondialog widget
Improvement of model terminology
Add an UNMANAGED flag to improve container behaviour
EWL is now Evilized!
Addition of a alpha channel slider to the ewl_colorpicker widget
Autofoo improvements
Expanded support for config key removal
General window management hint improvements
Improved robustness of the ewl_grid widget
Improved widget signal handling
Use merged software X11 engine
Various code cleanups thanks to LLVM static analysis
Removal of original ewl_tree, rename ewl_tree2 to ewl_tree
Moved tutorials from the test files to seperate directory
Creation of coverage report with gcov and lcov is now supported
Addition of ewl_freebox_mvc widget
ewl_embed now inherits from ewl_cell instead of ewl_overlay
Expanding of the ewl_tree widget API
Various fixes and feature additions for the ewl_text widget
Allow the ewl_label widget to be trunctated with '...'
Improved the cosmetics of the debugging macros
Revamped ewl_combo MVC API and implementation
Split widget tests into GUI and unit test cases
Fixed widget reparenting

Thank you to the following contributors for making this release possible:
Peter Wehrfritz
Jaime Thomas
Teodor Petrov
Dan Sinclair
Vincent Torri
Nick Hughart
Stephen Houston

This release can be checked out from: Revision 39394: /tags/ewl/ewl-0.5.3