Auf dem [SNC]UT2004-vCTF-Server gebannt?



btw, sokoban. Could you remove MantarunAssist from the ServerPackages? Because the mutator automatically adds itself to the ServerPackages, adding it there again makes it load twice. The Mantarun driver also gets points twice then. Taking it off SP will fix it I assume.


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I did not have the Mantarun Assist in the ServerPackages.
But I had registered it in the server.ini with the ServerActors and in UT2Vote as Mutator. Thus it was two times started.
I let load the Mutator now only with UT2Vote, with it might the duble load error be no longer present.
The Zip File which i downloaded contained only the .u and .int Files.
No assistance or like. Since I did not know, what I should make, have I the entry two times made. ;)
Sorry for that.

Ach des is English...
Ich hab mich schon gewundert, welche Art des Ausländisch das wohl sein mag. ;)
Im übrigen hab ich eh keinen Plan, ob das Geschreibsel so überhaupt richtig ist. Ist mir auch egal, so lange es verstanden wird. :)


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i have added him to muy buddies list under the name nemesis, if i see him i will know it is him beacuase the real nemsis is allowed in the egn server.
i will follow the fake and see if the admin on the server can ban him, that way he will have a hard time finding a good game to play.

Depends on his will to change his key in the registry if hes playing on Windows. UT 2004 is a cheap buy these days... Banning entire IP ranges could cause problems for other players, but as long as he doesnt show up... :)


he could just go to the unreal admins and get a cd key from the keygen, but if you ban the ip it would be better.


Banning on single IP is useless - In Germany, you get a new one every day.
You would have to ban a whole range of IPs, which would keep away many other legal players (my brother had this on wow: A player from Remscheid was banned and he could not play anymore, though we live in Wuppertal).

Besides, Sokoban just added several Anti-Cheating tools, let's see how they do.


using keys from a generator wont work - they are not on epic masterservers whitelist :D
And buying ev'day a game tear your money pocket very fast down ;)
(i think that mommy isnt stupid at all and dont give any money any longer :ROFLMAO:)


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And buying ev'day a game tear your money pocket very fast down
(i think that mommy isnt stupid at all and dont give any money any longer )

Yep, thats true. I guess Vardy wants to get rid of him once and for all... But (AFAIK) theres no way to permanently block that guy as long as he doesnt act like a dick with a newly obtained key. :D

that way he will have a hard time finding a good game to play.

The following is kinda speculative... ;)

He likes to play with hitscan-weapons and has a quite specific way of dodging - I guess even if he reappears with another key, it should be possible to recognize him. That gives the opportunity to hunt him down mercylessly. :D
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@Sokoban: sry I didn't include any help whatsoever. I'll pay more attention to that next time :)

About GUIDs: you don't need a keygenerator. All you need is someone else's GUID. It's been proved that GUIDs can be spoofed, because the server gets the GUID from the clients using a normal connection, not a secured one like SSL. This has been done by DigitalDeath. Therefore, never post your full GUID on the internet :)


^that was me ;)

Sokoban, one last request: could you add UT2k4ScoreRecovery_v3 to the VCTF server? You need to do the same as you did with the MantarunAssist mutator. :)


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Jo, and weil we alle wissen, what that iss:

Description: This is a simple mutator which will recover the score (and optionally, adrenaline) of players after they have exited the server (through a crash/idle kick or whatever), the DataTimeout variable determines the amount of time (in seconds) a player has to rejoin before his saved score data is erased. (this defaults to 5 minutes)


Mann Jensus,
wenn Du schon unsere Kumpels für zu blöd hältst, selbst in Google zu suchen :D, gib doch wenigstens eine vernünftige deutsche Übersetzung dazu :D:

Beschreibung: Dieses ist ein einfaches mutator, das die Kerbe (und beliebig, Adrenaline) der Spieler, nachdem sie den Bediener herausgenommen haben (durch einen Abbruch/Leerlaufstoß oder was auch immer), die DataTimeout Variable feststellt die Zeitmenge zurückgewinnen (in den Sekunden), das ein Spieler sich wieder zusammenbringen muß, bevor seine gespeicherten Kerbedaten gelöscht werden. (dieses fällt auf 5 Minuten)

Alles klar? :D