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fühlt sich hier wohl
Brauch ich da X oder läuft das direkt unter Linux ?
Ich hab nämlich kein X und da find ich Orpheus super.
Amarok - Version: 2.0.2 - Update

verborgener Text:

Show a statusbar message when loving a lastfm track.
Show error message when Wikipedia information cannot be retrieved.
Fix showing of book information from the LibriVox service.
Don't crash if a script has uncaught exceptions.
Open ogg files in Amarok when using Dolphin and other file managers. Patch thanks to Lubos Lunak . (BR 180155)
Fix podcast episodes not ordered right because of incorrect parsing of pubdate. (BR 181338)
Fix crash in tagdialog when editing tracks without an artist. (BR 183180)
Statistics were not calculated properly in all instances. (BR 182025)
Compilation fixes on Open Solaris.
Trim URL before adding a new podcast.
Add Ok button to the podcast configuration dialog to improve usability. (BR 181339)
Add tooltips to now playing widget icons.
Fix not possible to download episodes from newly added podcast channel. (BR 180851)