Build Your Own Firefox Extension

If you want to build custom extensions for Firefox, then this is the book for you!

With a little JavaScript know-how, author James Edwards will show you
just how straightforward it is to build your own Firefox extensions.
One of the main reasons for the explosive and continued popularity of
Firefox is its framework for custom extensions. What many web developers
don’t realise is that they’re so easy to create and implement — anyone with
a minimal understanding of JavaScript and XML can build a Firefox extension.
After reading Build Your Own Firefox Extension, you’ll be able create
simple Firefox extensions with extremely powerful functionality.

With James’s sleek new ebook, you’ll:
  • learn about the folder structure and file types that comprise an extension
  • develop your user interface using XUL, and style it with CSS
  • build functionality and advanced features with JavaScript
  • add keyboard shortcuts and internationalization features
  • learn how to publish the finished product
  • receive a bonus intro to Jetpack
And much, much more!

To celebrate the release of our new FREE extension CodeBurner for Firefox, we’re giving everyone who downloads this tool a FREE copy of Build Your Own Firefox Extension (normally worth $9.95).

Download als ZIP mit 4,2 MB.

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