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Thema: DVDPedia - Mac Video Datenbank und Verwaltung

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    DVDPedia - Mac Video Datenbank und Verwaltung

    DVDPedia ist eine Mac Datenbank zur Verwaltung von Videos

    Version: 5.2
    Betriebssystem: MacOS
    Dateigröße: 14.3 MB
    Lizenz: Shareware
    Sprache: englisch


    DVDPedia ist eine Mac Datenbank für professionelle Video Verwaltung mit
    Suchfunktion zur Ergänzung weiterer verfügbarer Informationen aus dem Internet, welche keine Wünsche offen lässt..

    Das funktionsreiche Programm lässt sich sogar noch über kostenlose Erweiterungen ausbauen.

    Für Cineasten und Video Freaks ein unbedingtes Muss!

    Maximal 10 Datensätze anlegen möglich in der unregistrierten Version

    DVDpedia - What's new?

    Mac OS X und Mac OS X/Intel
    OS X 10.4+
    Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht

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    Version: 4.3.0

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    DVDPedia - Version: 4.4.2 - Update


    Version: 4.4.2 (05/02/09)
    If selection is greater than one, total number of selected items is display in the window footer
    All text output now always UTF-8
    MobileMe upload changed from old Please Enter Password to
    Improved FTP upload
    Multi value fields Genre, Languages, Subtitles, Country
    IMDb plug-in gathers multiple genres, language import changed to match new language field
    IMDb plug-in now uses Original Title field for advanced search if available
    New 'show in collection' menu item in the entries' contextual menu
    Mounts smb:// and afp:// links if necessary before playing a movie
    Added "any link type" and "any link url" to smart collection rules
    Added "play count" smart collection rule
    Added "any credit role" to smart collection rule
    Added 'or' search to internal search, e.g. "Blue or Green"
    Bluetooth scanner sends barcode to internal filter search field if selected
    Bluetooth scanner connects on startup, if it was left connected on previous quit
    Included "il" on list of foreign articles to ignore
    Bug fix: IMDb summary was cut off at a link
    Bug fix: During a tab delimited export theatrical release date was formatted with the regular date format instead of the preference format set for theatrical release
    Bug fix: crashed when using statistics button on an empty collection
    Bug fix: on first run the wish list collection could appear as named untitled
    Bug fix: collection count could sometimes be shifted right when expanding and collapsing folders
    Bug fix: play count history not stored in .dvdpedia files
    Bug fix: when pasting a large list containing a duplicate into the add multiple window, the paste would stop at the duplicate
    Bug fix: the move button could be inactive for a selected link
    Bug fix: in rare cases the info view would not update to reflect the selection after changing collections
    Bug fix: when editing the multiple numbers rules of smart collections a number could reset to 0
    Bug fix: cut command inside the table view would fill the now empty attribute with the first autofill value
    Bug fix: sorting foreign article "Le"

    Version: 4.4.1 (02/12/08)
    Statistics work on selections, if selection is greater than one
    Credits can be limited to a first number of credits during an HTML export with [creditsBegin:15]
    No selection when the selected entry is not in a collection just switched to
    Table view shows the row selected when moving collections
    Bug fix: fixed a crash affecting a few users displaying overdue and sale banners

    Version: 4.4 (27/11/08)
    Background colors updated to match Leopard colors
    New larger text preference options for both collection view and table view
    Table view stars appear white when selected
    Count appears white when collection is selected
    New preference "defaults write com.bruji.dvdpedia NoAutomaticBackup -bool YES"
    Change on how tags are handled in multiple edit: tags are now added and removed and not replaced; to replace remove all the tags first
    Tags now added to Spotlight index and Quick Look (to reindex with tags, turn spotlight on and off under the Help menu)
    Tabs, new lines and returns escaped in a tab delimited export
    Faster statistics
    New statistics look
    Statistic configuration options, allow to select brand new options as well as turn off the defaults for a lightning fast statistic with what is most important to you
    Clickable names in statistics to filter your collection by that attribute
    Canon MV500i camera support
    Typing in cover view works as it does the in the table view selecting the entry which current sorted attribute begins with those letters
    IMDb: AKA search results included when no popular or exact matches are found, uses original title for searches if available, more specific theatrical release date, stunt and camera and electrical department credit options
    Option to include uncredited credits from IMDb
    Plug-ins fixed: and
    Diacritics ignored when creating HTML export index
    Total info at bottom of window updated when style preferences changed without having to change collection
    Smaller HTML exports with same image quality
    Updated eSellerate registration engine
    Email borrower works on a multiple selection as well as a single entry
    Bug fix: Count on collection would not display sometimes when inside a folder
    Bug fix: marking an entry as returned in the borrowed collection under cover flow would not update the cover flow view
    Bug fix: when editing an entry in a smart collection that causes it to be removed from the smart collection, changes to credits/tracks or links could be lost
    Bug fix: when including a wish list or borrowed collection in the library, existing entries would not be added to the library automatically
    Bug fix: Using the "mark as wish list" command from the menu on a item already marked as wish list would cause a validation bug
    Bug fix: Better handling of commas in the price when sorting and adding up the total count
    Bug fix: with an error exporting .Xpedia file that had a borrowed history
    Bug fix: removing someone from the address book who has an entry borrowed would cause the automatic borrowed email to hang

    Version: 4.3.2 (25/09/08)
    Updated IMDb search plug-in
    Amazonpedia updated to handle accents in search
    More matches for EAN searches on Amazon CA and DE
    Included links as an option for text template exports
    A collection stays selected after moved in or out of a folder
    Bug fix: on rare occasions entries would default to Amazon US locale instead of the original locale
    Bug fix: any collection sorted by status would cause the Pocketpedia sync to timeout
    Bug fix: introduced in 4.3.1 some smart collections where not displaying the latest updated collection on the first click
    Bug fix: a title of only a single double-quote when sorted would crash the program

    Version: 4.3.1 (03/09/08)
    Saves changes when switching currently edited entries via the table view
    Command-R adds a new row in credits and links
    Move linked file asks for a new name, if name already exists
    Copy of links and paste into the Finder will create a copy of the file
    Numbered index created in HTML templates for exports separated by a specific number of entries
    Multiple edit panel now has no default initial responder, so that a field must be selected first before typing
    More accurate cover art downloading
    New warning when marking an entry as borrowed without a borrower name
    Unmodified CueCat translation to UPC in internal search field
    Contextual menu in cover flow view
    Custom10 field included in info view
    Leopard bug fix: Collapsing the collection view via the header grab area resulted in the divider line not being able to be dragged
    Bug fix: all smart collections updated before a sync with Pocketpedia
    Bug fix: 'The' after a quote was not being ignored for sorting
    Bug fix: rare bug that would not show the last row in the table view of a smart collection
    Bug fix (Pocketpedia): sync sections could be incomplete when the sort title field is in use
    Bug fix (Pocketpedia): accented letters would create their own section
    Bug fix (Pocketpedia): changing My Rating on the table view, would not mark the entry as updated for syncing
    Bug fix: last seen count not updated until after restart when adding or removing last seen history items

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    DVDPedia v 4.6.4 - Update

    DVDPedia - Homepage
    DVDPedia - Download und Programmbeschreibung

    Version: 4.6.4 (24/1/11)
    * Fixes: plug-in fixed
    * The Mail account used for sending emails is now the default account instead of the first account of the list
    * Made the non-US Amazon searches more reliable
    * Upgraded the plug-in architecture to be more lightweight and faster
    * Updated the "Sell at Amazon" feature
    * Editing a smart collection based on a checkbox would default the rule to 'not set'
    * Several smaller bug fixes
    Software-Vorstellungen | Download News | Download Übersicht

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    AW: DVDPedia - Mac Video Datenbank und Verwaltung

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