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Thema: [UT2004] VCTF-Server: Zu viele Spammer online

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    AW: [UT2004] VCTF-Server: Zu viele Spammer online

    he was using the public voice channel, thats the problem. he was just spamming it. most of us just pressed ignor but the ppl that didnt just complained, thats why we kick voted. but as you may notice in the demo about 6 of us voted and it was not enough to kick, and btw the voice spammer was doing it constantly for the next 4 or 5 maps, by which point there was no1 left in the server. and he wouldnt answer the text sent to him thats why he pissed me off.

    i was joking about the admin pass

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    AW: [UT2004] VCTF-Server: Zu viele Spammer online

    Vardy, that's the reason why I disabled the UT-internal voice chat

    But'll never get rid of way is to ignore them.
    And about noobs.....never blame a newbie ... we all started once...
    The problem is just to find out who is new to the game and who is just too dumb for it

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    AW: [UT2004] VCTF-Server: Zu viele Spammer online

    DUB and it's special humor...

    all about voice chat has been said.

    like all ffa and ffa-admin saying - agree with it or leave ^^

    btw VC - there are more possibilities than public channel in 2k4

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