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    Online Sicherheits-Scanner Firewalltest

    Gesammelte Werke...

    Links zu Anbietern von "OnlineSicherheitsscannern" bei denen ihr eure Rechner mal so richtig durchtesten könnt.

    Seite des Landesbeauftragen für Datenschutz Niedersachsen. Einfacher Browsertest und Portscanner.

    it.sec security for your information

    Schon in der freeversion sehr umpfangreicher Test.
    Traceroute und Visual Traceroute.
    Scan auf verschiedene Sicherheitslücken
    Kleiner Auszug:
     1. Login configurations   
      2. SMB Scope   
      3. scan for LaBrea tarpitted hosts   
      4. Services   
      5. Using NetBIOS to retrieve information from a Windo  
      6. SMB log in   
      7. SMB get domain SID   
      8. Default community names of the SNMP Agent   
      9. SMB get host SID   
      10. SMB accessible registry   
      11. SMB use domain SID to enumerate users   
      12. Enumerate Lanman users via SNMP   
      13. SMB use host SID to enumerate local users   
      14. SMB Registry : NT4 Service Pack version   
      15. Obtains the lists of users aliases   
      16. SMB Registry : Win2k Service Pack version   
      17. Obtains the lists of users groups   
      18. Obtains local user information   
      19. SMB shares enumeration   
      20. SMB log in as users   
      21. Obtains user information   
      22. SMB NativeLanMan   
      23. SMB fully accessible registry   
      24. X Server   
      25. AppleShare IP Server status query   
      26. Identd enabled   
      27. Port 445 open when 139 is not   
      28. DCE Services Enumeration   
      29. Echo port open   
      30. Microsoft's SQL TCP/IP listener is running   
      31. MySQL Server version   
      32. A Nessus Daemon is running   
      33. Telnet   
      34. SMB enum services   
      35. Stacheldraht Detect   
      36. RPC Endpoint Mapper can Cause RPC Service to Fai  
      37. Users in the 'Account Operator' group   
      38. Still Image Service Privilege Escalation patc  
      39. Malformed RPC Packet patch   
      40. Users in the 'Print Operator' group   
      41. Telnet Client NTLM Authentication Vulnerability   
      42. Guest belongs to a group   
      43. Local users information : User has never logged o  
      44. LPC and LPC Ports Vulnerabilities patch   
      45. Check for VNC HTTP   
      46. GirlFriend   
      47. Local users information : automatically disabled   
      48. Local users information : Passwords never expires  
      49. Users in the 'Backup Operator' group   
      50. Local users information : disabled accounts   
      51. Users in the 'Replicator' group   
      52. SMB Registry : permissions of Schedule   
      53. SMB shares access   
      54. DeepThroat   
      55. NetBus 1.x   
      56. SMB Registry : permissions of keys that can chang  
      57. WinSATAN   
      58. SubSeven   
      59. SMB Registry : Autologon   
      60. Webserver file request parsing   
      61. RemotelyAnywhere SSH detection 
      62. Local users information : Never changed password   
      63. Users in the 'System Operat  
      64. SMB Registry : permissions of WinVNC's key   
      65. Domain account lockout vulnerability   
      66. Winsock Mutex vulnerability   
      67. SMB Registry : value of SFCDisable 
     68. NetSphere   
      69. Incomplete TCP/IP packet vulnerability   
      70. Local users information : Can't change password   
      71. NTLMSSP Privilege Escalation   
      72. Malformed PPTP Packet Stream vulnerability   
      73. Trin00 for Windows Detect   
      74. Malformed request to domain controller   
      75. NT IP fragment reassembly patch not applied (jolt  
      76. SMB Registry : permissions of winlogon   
      77. SMB Registry : SQL7 Patches   
      78. NetBus 2.x   
      79. SMB Registry : permissions of the RAS key   
      80. Finger backdoor   
      81. Samba Remote Arbitrary File Creation   
      82. Check for VNC   
      83. NT ResetBrowser frame & HostAnnouncement floo  
      84. CodeRed version X detection   
      85. Microsoft's SQL UDP Info Query   
      86. IE 5.01 5.5 6.0 Cumulative patch (Q316059)   
      87. Checks for MS HOTFIX for snmp buffer overruns   
      88. XML Core Services patch (Q318203)   
      89. Malformed request to index server   
      90. MPEi/X Default Accounts   
      91. IE VBScript Handling patch (Q318089)   
      92. Trin00 Detect   
      93. SMB Registry : permissions of keys that can lead   
      94. Users in the Domain Admin group   
      95. NetBIOS Name Server Protocol Spoofing patch   
      96. SMB Registry : is the remote host a PDC/BDC   
      97. GateCrasher   
      98. Opening Group Policy Files (Q318089)   
      99. MUP overlong request kernel overflow Patch (Q  
      100. SMB Registry : permissions of HKLM   
      101. SyGate Backdoor   
      102. Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Servi  
      103. Relative Shell Path patch   
      104. Portal of Doom   
      105. Service Control Manager Named Pipe Impersonation  
      106. Trojan horses   
      107. SMB LanMan Pipe Server browse listing   
      108. Windows Terminal Service Enabled   
      109. Windows Debugger flaw can Lead to Elevated Privi  
      110. SMB Registry : missing winreg   
      111. Trinity v3 Detect   
      112. Lion worm   
      113. Kuang2 the Virus   
      114. BackOrifice   
      115. Users in the Admin group   
      116. Local Security Policy Corruption  
      117. SMB Windows9x password verification vulnerabilit  
      118. Windows RAS overflow (Q318138)   
      119. IrDA access violation patch   
      120. IIS Possible Compromise   
      121. Microsoft's SQL Blank Password   
      122. Microsoft's SQL Hello Overflow   
      123. Microsoft's SQL Server Brute Force   
      124. pam_smb / pam_ntdom overflow   
      125. MSQL CGI overflow  
      126. Microsoft's SQL TCP/IP denial of service
    Webserver Logfile (auszug)
    IP-[40:06]  /c/winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir+c:\\+/OG 
    IP-[40:05]  /scripts/root.exe?/c+dir+c:\\+/OG 
    IP-[43:06]  /scripts/cmd.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:06]  /scripts/bin.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:07]  /scripts/2.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:06]  /scripts/root.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:06]  /scripts/shell.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:07]  /scripts/3.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:07]  /scripts/4.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:07]  /scripts/1.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:08]  /scripts/nc.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:08]  /scripts/ncx.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:08]  /scripts/iiscrack.dll 
    IP-[43:08]  /scripts/httpodbc.dll 
    IP-[43:07]  /scripts/hack.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[43:08]  /scripts/netcat.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:09]  /scripts/ftp.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[43:09]  /scripts/ftpx.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[43:09]  /scripts/1.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[43:10]  /scripts/2.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[43:10]  /scripts/3.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[43:10]  /scripts/4.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[43:10]  /scripts/FireDaemon.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:10]  /scripts/Fire.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:11]  /scripts/FireD.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:11]  /scripts/pwdump2.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:11]  /scripts/pwdump3.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:11]  /scripts/cmdasp.asp 
    IP-[43:12]  /scripts/cmd.asp 
    IP-[43:11]  /scripts/pwdump.exe?-h 
    IP-[43:12]  /scripts/shell.asp 
    IP-[43:12]  /scripts/own.asp 
    IP-[43:12]  /scripts/0wn.asp 
    IP-[43:12]  /scripts/exec.asp 
    IP-[43:13]  /scripts/upload.asp 
    IP-[43:13]  /scripts/uploadx.asp 
    IP-[43:13]  /scripts/file.asp 
    IP-[43:13]  /scripts/fx.asp 
    IP-[43:14]  /scripts/cmd.jsp 
    IP-[43:14]  /scripts/shell.jsp 
    IP-[43:13]  /scripts/up.asp 
    IP-[43:14]  /scripts/own.jsp 
    IP-[43:17]  /scripts/hack.jsp 
    IP-[43:17]  /scripts/exec.jsp 
    IP-[43:17]  /scripts/admin.dll 
    IP-[43:18]  /scripts/vnchooks.dll 
    IP-[43:18]  /scripts/omnithread_rt.dll 
    IP-[43:18]  /scripts/samdump.dll 
    IP-[43:18]  /scripts/JAsfv.dll 
    IP-[43:19]  /scripts/LSAExt.dll 
    IP-[43:19]  /scripts/iise.dll
    IP-[43:24]  /scripts/httpodbc.dll
    IP-[43:29]  /scripts/idq.dll
    IP-[43:34]  /scripts/httpext.dll
    IP-[43:39]  /scripts/ssinc.dll
    IP-[43:44]  /scripts/msw3prt.dll
    IP-[43:49]  /scripts/author.dll
    IP-[43:54]  /scripts/admin.dll
    IP-[43:59]  /scripts/shtml.dll
    IP-[44:04]  /scripts/sspifilt.dll
    IP-[44:09]  /scripts/compfilt.dll
    IP-[44:14]  /scripts/pwsdata.dll
    IP-[44:19]  /scripts/md5filt.dll
    IP-[44:24]  /scripts/fpexedll.dll
    IP-[44:30]  /scripts/tools/cmd.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:30]  /scripts/tools/root.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:30]  /scripts/tools/bin.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:30]  /scripts/tools/shell.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:30]  /scripts/tools/hack.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:31]  /scripts/tools/1.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:31]  /scripts/tools/2.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:31]  /scripts/tools/3.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:31]  /scripts/tools/4.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[44:34]  /scripts/tools/nc.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:35]  /scripts/tools/ncx.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:35]  /scripts/tools/netcat.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:35]  /scripts/tools/iiscrack.dll 
    IP-[44:35]  /scripts/tools/httpodbc.dll 
    IP-[44:35]  /scripts/tools/ftp.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[44:36]  /scripts/tools/ftpx.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[44:36]  /scripts/tools/1.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[44:36]  /scripts/tools/2.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[44:36]  /scripts/tools/3.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[44:37]  /scripts/tools/4.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[44:37]  /scripts/tools/FireDaemon.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:37]  /scripts/tools/Fire.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:37]  /scripts/tools/FireD.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:37]  /scripts/tools/pwdump.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:38]  /scripts/tools/pwdump2.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:38]  /scripts/tools/pwdump3.exe?-h 
    IP-[44:38]  /scripts/tools/cmdasp.asp 
    IP-[44:38]  /scripts/tools/cmd.asp 
    IP-[44:38]  /scripts/tools/shell.asp 
    IP-[44:38]  /scripts/tools/own.asp 
    IP-[44:39]  /scripts/tools/0wn.asp 
    IP-[44:39]  /scripts/tools/exec.asp 
    IP-[44:39]  /scripts/tools/upload.asp 
    IP-[44:39]  /scripts/tools/uploadx.asp 
    IP-[44:39]  /scripts/tools/up.asp 
    IP-[44:40]  /scripts/tools/file.asp 
    IP-[44:40]  /scripts/tools/fx.asp 
    IP-[44:40]  /scripts/tools/cmd.jsp 
    IP-[44:40]  /scripts/tools/shell.jsp 
    IP-[44:41]  /scripts/tools/own.jsp 
    IP-[44:41]  /scripts/tools/hack.jsp 
    IP-[44:41]  /scripts/tools/exec.jsp 
    IP-[44:41]  /scripts/tools/admin.dll 
    IP-[44:41]  /scripts/tools/vnchooks.dll 
    IP-[44:42]  /scripts/tools/omnithread_rt.dll 
    IP-[44:42]  /scripts/tools/samdump.dll 
    IP-[44:42]  /scripts/tools/JAsfv.dll 
    IP-[44:42]  /scripts/tools/LSAExt.dll 
    IP-[44:42]  /scripts/tools/iise.dll
    IP-[44:47]  /scripts/tools/httpodbc.dll
    IP-[44:52]  /scripts/tools/idq.dll
    IP-[44:57]  /scripts/tools/httpext.dll
    IP-[45:02]  /scripts/tools/ssinc.dll
    IP-[45:07]  /scripts/tools/msw3prt.dll
    IP-[45:12]  /scripts/tools/author.dll
    IP-[45:17]  /scripts/tools/admin.dll
    IP-[45:22]  /scripts/tools/shtml.dll
    IP-[45:27]  /scripts/tools/sspifilt.dll
    IP-[45:32]  /scripts/tools/compfilt.dll
    IP-[45:37]  /scripts/tools/pwsdata.dll
    IP-[45:43]  /scripts/tools/md5filt.dll
    IP-[45:48]  /scripts/tools/fpexedll.dll
    IP-[45:53]  /msadc/cmd.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:53]  /msadc/root.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:53]  /msadc/bin.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:53]  /msadc/shell.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:53]  /msadc/hack.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:54]  /msadc/1.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:54]  /msadc/2.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:54]  /msadc/3.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:54]  /msadc/4.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[45:54]  /msadc/nc.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:54]  /msadc/ncx.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:55]  /msadc/netcat.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:55]  /msadc/iiscrack.dll 
    IP-[45:55]  /msadc/httpodbc.dll 
    IP-[45:55]  /msadc/ftp.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[45:55]  /msadc/ftpx.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[45:56]  /msadc/1.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[45:56]  /msadc/2.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[45:56]  /msadc/3.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[45:56]  /msadc/4.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[45:56]  /msadc/FireDaemon.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:57]  /msadc/Fire.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:57]  /msadc/FireD.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:57]  /msadc/pwdump.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:57]  /msadc/pwdump2.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:57]  /msadc/pwdump3.exe?-h 
    IP-[45:58]  /msadc/cmdasp.asp 
    IP-[45:58]  /msadc/cmd.asp 
    IP-[45:58]  /msadc/shell.asp 
    IP-[45:58]  /msadc/own.asp 
    IP-[45:58]  /msadc/0wn.asp 
    IP-[45:58]  /msadc/exec.asp 
    IP-[45:59]  /msadc/upload.asp 
    IP-[45:59]  /msadc/uploadx.asp 
    IP-[45:59]  /msadc/up.asp 
    IP-[45:59]  /msadc/file.asp 
    IP-[45:59]  /msadc/fx.asp 
    IP-[46:00]  /msadc/cmd.jsp 
    IP-[46:00]  /msadc/shell.jsp 
    IP-[46:00]  /msadc/hack.jsp 
    IP-[46:00]  /msadc/own.jsp 
    IP-[46:00]  /msadc/exec.jsp 
    IP-[46:00]  /msadc/admin.dll 
    IP-[46:01]  /msadc/vnchooks.dll 
    IP-[46:01]  /msadc/omnithread_rt.dll 
    IP-[46:01]  /msadc/samdump.dll 
    IP-[46:01]  /msadc/JAsfv.dll 
    IP-[46:01]  /msadc/LSAExt.dll 
    IP-[46:02]  /msadc/iise.dll
    IP-[46:07]  /msadc/httpodbc.dll
    IP-[46:12]  /msadc/idq.dll
    IP-[46:19]  /msadc/httpext.dll
    IP-[46:24]  /msadc/ssinc.dll
    IP-[46:29]  /msadc/msw3prt.dll
    IP-[46:34]  /msadc/author.dll
    IP-[46:39]  /msadc/admin.dll
    IP-[46:44]  /msadc/shtml.dll
    IP-[46:49]  /msadc/sspifilt.dll
    IP-[46:54]  /msadc/compfilt.dll
    IP-[46:59]  /msadc/pwsdata.dll
    IP-[47:04]  /msadc/md5filt.dll
    IP-[47:09]  /msadc/fpexedll.dll
    IP-[47:15]  //cmd.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:15]  //root.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:15]  //bin.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:15]  //shell.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:15]  //hack.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:16]  //1.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:16]  //2.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:16]  //3.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:16]  //4.exe?/c+echo+Backdoor+Check 
    IP-[47:16]  //nc.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:17]  //ncx.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:17]  //netcat.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:17]  //iiscrack.dll 
    IP-[47:17]  //httpodbc.dll 
    IP-[47:17]  //ftp.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[47:18]  //ftpx.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[47:18]  //1.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[47:18]  //2.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[47:18]  //3.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[47:18]  //4.exe?/c+-h 
    IP-[47:19]  //FireDaemon.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:19]  //Fire.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:19]  //FireD.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:19]  //pwdump.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:20]  //pwdump2.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:20]  //pwdump3.exe?-h 
    IP-[47:20]  //cmdasp.asp 
    IP-[47:20]  //cmd.asp 
    IP-[47:20]  //shell.asp 
    IP-[47:20]  //own.asp 
    IP-[47:21]  //0wn.asp 
    IP-[47:21]  //exec.asp 
    IP-[47:21]  //upload.asp 
    IP-[47:21]  //uploadx.asp 
    IP-[47:21]  //up.asp 
    IP-[47:22]  //file.asp 
    IP-[47:22]  //fx.asp 
    IP-[47:22]  //cmd.jsp 
    IP-[47:22]  //shell.jsp 
    IP-[47:22]  //own.jsp 
    IP-[47:23]  //hack.jsp 
    IP-[47:23]  //exec.jsp 
    IP-[47:23]  //admin.dll 
    IP-[47:23]  //vnchooks.dll 
    IP-[47:24]  //samdump.dll 
    IP-[47:24]  //omnithread_rt.dll 
    IP-[47:24]  //JAsfv.dll 
    IP-[47:24]  //LSAExt.dll 
    IP-[47:24]  //iise.dll
    IP-[47:29]  //httpodbc.dll
    IP-[47:35]  //idq.dll
    IP-[47:40]  //httpext.dll
    IP-[47:45]  //ssinc.dll
    IP-[47:50]  //msw3prt.dll
    IP-[47:55]  //author.dll
    IP-[48:00]  //admin.dll
    IP-[48:05]  //shtml.dll
    IP-[48:10]  //sspifilt.dll
    IP-[48:15]  //compfilt.dll
    IP-[48:20]  //pwsdata.dll
    IP-[48:25]  //md5filt.dll
    IP-[48:27]  /cgi-bin/w3-msql/X
    IP-[48:28]  /scripts/w3-msql/X
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    Panda ActiveScan 5.54.01
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