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Thema: [Filesharing] Sammelthread neue emule plus Versionen

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    Neue eMule Plus Versionen

    Gestern die neue Version Rausgekommen
    zum downloaden hier

    27.05.03 | eMulePlus 1f

    FEATURE: JumpStart [obaldin/LF_]
    FEATURE: prelisted addresses.dat URLs in download server.met dialog [kuchin/EC]
    FEATURE: comments can be filtered by wordlist [netwolf/SyruS]
    FEATURE: slowly drop 'No needed parts' and 'Queue Full' sources when softlimit is reached [netwolf]
    FEATURE: standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A (official) [netwolf]
    FEATURE: enhanced source finding (bluecow) [netwolf]
    FEATURE: complete sources (by zegzav) [netwolf]
    FEATURE: enhanced tooltips [JoeyRamone]
    FEATURE: search for documents [netwolf/kuchin]
    FEATURE: ability to filter search by 'NOT' keywords [kuchin]
    FEATURE: LowId to HighId automatic callback [enkeyDev]
    FEATURE: support for non-IP ed2k server links [netwolf]
    FEATURE: added Shareaza client identification [moosetea]
    FEATURE: added Turkish Language [EC/BouRock]
    FEATURE: enhanced customizable filename cleanup [SyruS]
    FEATURE: delete selected text when clicking on "cleanup" in filedetaildialog [SyruS]
    CHANGE: cleanup: leave "TV" capitalized, make "v" in front of version lowercase [SyruS]
    CHANGE: default button of "allow multiple instances" messagebox is now "no" [SyruS]
    CHANGE: minor fixes and improvements [netwolf]
    CHANGE: added Windows Server 2003 detection support [netwolf]
    CHANGE: storing/loading of server.met is now thread safe (for future use) [Lord KiRon]
    CHANGE: new client icons for unknown, cdonkey, shareaza and lmule [moosetea/DrSiRiUs]
    CHANGE: moved over some of the parts of client identification from 28a, display lMule stats and better Mldonkey detection [moosetea]
    CHANGE: added support for some additional filetypes (search) [netwolf]
    CHANGE: made dropping supercompressed blocks a per-file setting [obaldin]
    CHANGE: changed some column header justifications [netwolf]
    CHANGE: increased download progress bar height [netwolf]
    CHANGE: minor source exchange tuning [netwolf]
    CHANGE: default main process priority is normal [netwolf]
    CHANGE: downloadlist right-click options grayed if not available [netwolf]
    CHANGE: increased comments window and column width (now even 50 character comments can be seen without scrolling) [netwolf]
    CHANGE: check community string only when community is enabled (optimisation) [TwoBottle Mod]
    CHANGE: optimisations in sockets [TwoBottle Mod]
    CHANGE: min queue size 1000, default 3000 [kuchin]
    CHANGE: max queue size 10000 [netwolf]
    CHANGE: increased FileBufferSize [netwolf]
    CHANGE: filter invalid clients [Mr Faber]
    CHANGE: remaining column is split to 2 separate columns (MB + % and Time) [katsyonak]
    CHANGE: no more sharing of corrupted chunks [Slugfiller]
    CHANGE: server now disconnected properly on eMule Plus exit (based on 0.28a) [Lord KiRon]
    CHANGE: queue full sources are droped too on 'Drop unneeded sources' [katsyonak]
    CHANGE: ed2k-links not added if filesize > 4 GB (from official) [netwolf]
    CHANGE: minor changes [netwolf]
    CHANGE: webserver templates improved [kuchin]
    CHANGE: less use of CPU when we have many sources [obaldin]
    CHANGE: statistics graphs look nicer [BavarianSnail]
    CHANGE: new metatag for float value [BavarianSnail]
    BUGFIX: display of file updated directly after cleanup [SyruS]
    BUGFIX: fixed memory leak when invalid hello packet was received [TwoBottle Mod]
    BUGFIX: fixed memory leak when invalid part file is processed [TwoBottle Mod]
    BUGFIX: fixed memory leak when invalid info packet was received [TwoBottle Mod]
    BUGFIX: fixed memory leak (save file error) [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: guests can't clear serverinfo logs anymore [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: date/time is shown under local settings anywhere [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: slight download speedup in some cases [obaldin]
    BUGFIX: fixed a problem with queue size setting [katsyonak]
    BUGFIX: fixed internet connection check reseting the connection attempts if dead servers but connection exists [Lord KiRon]
    BUGFIX: unbanning client - icon doesn't update immediately [katsyonak]
    BUGFIX: fixed memory leak in case of invalid part file [TwoBottle Mod]
    BUGFIX: alternating statistics, server occupation is now stored under servers [moosetea]
    BUGFIX: added 3 missing invalid chars for filenames [SyruS]
    BUGFIX: don´t move uninitialized memory (Maella) [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: minor fixes [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: saving preferences on first start of new eMule Plus version [kuchin]
    BUGFIX: fixed memory leak when lowid happened [TwoBottle Mod]
    BUGFIX: fixed memory leak with some invalid packets received [TwoBottle Mod]
    BUGFIX: when a file completes it keeps showing 0.0% [katsyonak]
    BUGFIX: minor fixes and code snippets [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: memory leak in KnownFile [UVman]
    BUGFIX: fixed 'Show shared files' [SyruS]
    BUGFIX: wrong SOCKS5 authentication packet sent [tim2k]
    BUGFIX: no more 'Show all comments' right click option on completed files [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: fixed a list corruption when scrolling with MS mouse [Lord KiRon]
    BUGFIX: fixed a small memory leak and assertion in IRC code [Lord KiRon]
    BUGFIX: auto-paused files are not downloaded anymore (by sivka) [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: column width in transfer window no more changed to 0 on doubleclick (from official) [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: webserver search: skip results with 0 sources, 0 filesize, empty filename [kuchin]
    BUGFIX: avoid a FNF status when we just start a download and have no finished parts yet [BavarianSnail]
    BUGFIX: correct status update in transfer window when starting and finishing to complete a file [BavarianSnail]
    BUGFIX: double size information on tooltip [BavarianSnail]
    BUGFIX: minor fixes in webserver [BavarianSnail]

    Hatt die schon jemand laufen???
    Geändert von Nipple (28.07.03 um 12:01 Uhr)

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    AW: [Filesharing] Sammelthread neue emule plus Versionen

    Läuft sehr gut und ist mein persönlicher Favorit unter den FileSharing-Programmen.

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    AW: [Filesharing] Sammelthread neue emule plus Versionen

    Läuft ok... um die 30 kB/s

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    Herzlich willkommen!
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    AW: [Filesharing] Sammelthread neue emule plus Versionen

    habe es jetzt auch schon ein paar tage laufen und bin begeistert.
    durchschnitt 30-50k maximum 67k

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    AW: [Filesharing] Sammelthread neue emule plus Versionen

    so heute ist es soweit ich werd mir diese version auch drauf machen aber ihr seit schuld wenn die scheisse leuft

    ich kuck lieber ob ich die install von der v1e noch hab

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    AW: [Filesharing] Sammelthread neue emule plus Versionen

    eMule Plus v1g 26.07.2003

    waht's new:

    FEATURE: new DL client speed measurement system [Eklmn]
    FEATURE: Intelligent Chunk Request (ICR v2.10 06.07.2003), replaces Vorlost's code [Eklmn]
    FEATURE: new A4AF engine [Eklmn]
    FEATURE: set manually added servers to High Priority (from official) [netwolf]
    FEATURE: filter servers listed in IPfilter dat and DynIP servers (from official), and remove if "update from servers/clients" is disabled [netwolf]
    FEATURE: automatic serverconnect without Proxy (from official) [netwolf]
    FEATURE: specify path to WebServer template in preferences (from official) [netwolf]
    FEATURE: show average session speed and session transfer/time for completed files [SyruS]
    FEATURE: smoothed "remaining time" calculation based on average downloadrate (bond006) [SyruS]
    FEATURE: capitalize roman numerals during cleanup [SyruS]
    FEATURE: several new countermeasures against unfair clients [katsyonak/xrmb]
    FEATURE: added option to disable rating icons [netwolf]
    FEATURE: memcpy() optimized for AMD (works faster in 2-2.5 times) [Eklmn]
    FEATURE: show server/connection state in tray tooltips [DoubleT]
    FEATURE: data logging of unknown tags and packets [DoubleT]
    FEATURE: option to en/disable the banning feature [DoubleT]
    FEATURE: logging countermeasures made optional [Netwolf]
    FEATURE: WebServer: added JumpStart to Shared Files context menu [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: allow caching of images by browser [DonGato]
    FEATURE: WebServer: added 'Auto A4AF' as an action for files [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: added eMuleLight template [DonGato]
    FEATURE: WebServer: added popup menus for actions [DonGato]
    FEATURE: WebServer: client counter for each upload queue [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: added option to drop Not Needed Sources in download list [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: added option to drop super-compressed blocks in download list [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: show and change server priority in server list [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: added customizable Intruder Detection (Johnny-B) [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: added 'Force A4AF' as an action for files [DonGato]
    FEATURE: WebServer: server status in serverlist [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: ed2k serverlink icon in serverlist [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: connections graph [kuchin]
    FEATURE: WebServer: show client type/version/extra icons in lists [Purity]
    FEATURE: WebServer: clear all or single completed files [SyruS]
    FEATURE: WebServer: show completed files (0.28b) [SyruS]
    FEATURE: WebServer: different shades of blue in progress bars [Julien]
    FEATURE: WebServer: add/remove servers to/from static serverlist [Purity]
    CHANGE: StopFile function was rewritten to increase speed & prevent memleaks [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: added new file state PS_STOPPED for futher needs [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: now showing "never" instead of "unknown" in Last Seen Complete column [Andrerib]
    CHANGE: outgoing filtering [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: A4AF source on "Pause" will be switched to other files [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: merged missing UPD answers in ClientUDPSocket [DonGato]
    CHANGE: Limitless Download was added to solve download limit not reached problem [DonGato]
    CHANGE: now using Ottavio´s SLS system [netwolf]
    CHANGE: improved client identification (MLdonkey & Hybrids) [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: better identification HighID<->LowID change [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: added option to preferences for average downloadrate and smoothed remaining time showing [DonGato]
    CHANGE: Jumpstart support in Shared Files list (output, sorting...) [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: added support for source exchange v2 [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: changed banning messages in log and debuglog to be more informative [DonGato]
    CHANGE: removed some excessive debuglog messages [DoubleT/DonGato]
    CHANGE: source functions NewSrcPartsInfo & UpdateAvailablePartsCount were merged (speed optimization) [Eklmn]
    CHANGE: don't close filedetails on pressing enter (do a rename instead, ESC closes) [SyruS]
    CHANGE: code cleanup (m_modVerString & m_modExtendedString converting to CString) [DoubleT]
    CHANGE: cleanup of preferences options [netwolf]
    CHANGE: complete sources updated (UDP support) [netwolf/zegzav]
    CHANGE: hide greyed-out "add/remove from static server" contextmenu in serverlist [SyruS]
    CHANGE: added total ULL ratio to statistics [katsyonak]
    CHANGE: tags supplemented and sorted [DoubleT]
    CHANGE: code cleanup (removing buffers with arbitrary sizes) [TwoBottle Mod]
    CHANGE: code cleanup (converting char* to CString in class members) [TwoBottle Mod]
    CHANGE: code cleanup (moving repeating code to helper functions) [TwoBottle Mod]
    CHANGE: added "last reception" to filedetail-dialog and infolist [SyruS]
    CHANGE: WebServer: added missing sort possibilities in transfer and server list [Purity]
    CHANGE: WebServer: updated code to indicate the last changed dataset in every list [DonGato]
    CHANGE: WebServer: updated code to indicate different filestates in all lists [Purity]
    CHANGE: WebServer: updated interface to show Auto A4AF, SCB, JumpStart & Release files [Purity]
    CHANGE: WebServer: changed code to be more compatible with browsers [Purity]
    CHANGE: WebServer: now ed2k links are copied to clipboard instead of executed [DonGato]
    CHANGE: WebServer: updated code to take care of erroneous and hashing files [DonGato]
    CHANGE: WebServer: when an invalid password is entered a warning is shown in the login screen [DonGato]
    CHANGE: WebServer: all icons are pre-loaded now [Janes Bong]
    CHANGE: WebServer: separated upload queue into friends, banned, high credit and other clients [Purity]
    CHANGE: WebServer: IP logging for admin/guest/failed login and logout [Purity]
    CHANGE: WebServer: reduced large servernames or descriptions to fit on a reduced screen size [DonGato]
    CHANGE: WebServer: split uploadlist and uploadqueue like downloadlist [Purity]
    CHANGE: WebServer: extra icon for clearing completed files action [SyruS]
    CHANGE: WebServer: graphs now work for all browsers [Julien]
    CHANGE: WebServer: minor template and image tweaks [Purity]
    BUGFIX: crash of emule by wrong template due to incorrect handle of websockets [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: fixed the download bug for files >2GB (bluecow) [netwolf]
    BUGFIX: Connection Profile Setting can be saved now [EC]
    BUGFIX: large CPU load in case of "Stop File" & "Cancel" [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: completing bug (eMule can't complete a file, if file is uploaded) [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: reconnection bug (sometimes eMule doesn't reconnect after disconnection) [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: auto reconnection to another server after client was disconnected [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: incorrect deletion of filtered and banned(thieves) clients [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: incorrect clearing of Search Window (Clear() function) & some optimization in RemoveResults() [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: incorrect cleaning of "Completed Files" in "Clear All" case [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: possible memleak in Send* functions (BaseClient) [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: solved problem with browse buttons from preferences not triggering the apply button on modify [DonGato]
    BUGFIX: ED2k links from web browsers weren't decoded properly [EC]
    BUGFIX: Serverlist: bug in GetNextServer, added timer exception & some optimization [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: memleak due reconnection to another server [dpr & Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: When starting a second search before first is finished, Search results are messed up. Only one Search at a time can be done now [EC]
    BUGFIX: SafeConnect [Eklmn & SlugFiller]
    BUGFIX: merged CloseSocket & DestroySocket (LowID problem) [Eklmn & I2K]
    BUGFIX: conflict between upload logic & LANcast [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: prevent possible spread of last corrupted part [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: *.part.met wasn't closed after loading (aka "corrupted file problem") [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: by shutdown force OS flush data direct to disk (idea from SlugFiller) [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: fixed download timeouts [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: major bug in download [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: server priorities work now [EC]
    BUGFIX: now Jumpstart checks every block [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: speed optimization in UploadQueue (GetDownloadingClient doesn't exist anymore) [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: don't cleanup Chinese and other non alphanumeric letters [SyruS]
    BUGFIX: solved problem with 'ghost' filenames in FileDetails window [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: memleak due FileException in UploadClient.cpp [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: solved bug related to UDP search [japg2000]
    BUGFIX: refresh whole downloadlist after source update [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: improved output in statusbar (update only tray or window) [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: socket will not be destoyed if server is changed during connecting [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: wrong count of failed server connection attempts, to check inet connection [kuchin]
    BUGFIX: included 4 fixes from Slugfiller: SafeHash [SyruS]
    - corrected gap loading code
    - pre-emptive part file end-to-length adjustment code
    - check case of multiple chunks changed in flushbuffer code
    - quick fallback (stop hashing when emule is shuting down)
    BUGFIX: don't add "mins" to textbox (advanced/ban threshold) [SyruS]
    BUGFIX: added log entry for deleting servers from static server list [Purity]
    BUGFIX: fixed access violation after file completion [TwoBottle Mod]
    BUGFIX: small correction in Listensocket (case:OP_ACCEPTUPLOADREQ) [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: don't check client twice if he got full chunk [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: update tooltip only in case corresponding WM_MESSAGE (otherwise can lead to crash) [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: bugfix for completed files being rehashed and duplicate entry in known.met (bluecow) [SyruS]
    BUGFIX: no full chunk transfer for user outside the LAN [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: keeping user in queue if he doesn't need anything [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: files were paused not properly [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: graph doesn't show the average upload rate until you've started downloading [Cax2]
    BUGFIX: sort by Time [katsyonak]
    BUGFIX: selecting 'Last seen complete' on 'Sort download by' resulted in a Sort by Time [katsyonak]
    BUGFIX: supercompressed blocks were not written to file [BavarianSnail]
    BUGFIX: resource cleanup due to CResizableDialog [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: resource cleanup due to ImageLists recreation [Eklmn]
    BUGFIX: "last reception" was never "unknown" - now it's unknown when transferred=0 [SyruS]
    BUGFIX: WebServer: fixed sorting servers by IP [Purity]
    BUGFIX: WebServer: fixed problem when displaying autopriority files priority [DonGato]
    BUGFIX: WebServer: when priority is changed for a shared file the GUI is updated [DonGato]
    BUGFIX: WebServer: erroneously showing files as complete should be resolved [DonGato]
    BUGFIX: WebServer: corrected Priority showing [BavarianSnail]
    BUGFIX: WebServer: solved problem with files using '&' on Shared Files [DonGato]
    BUGFIX: WebServer: guest can become admin [Julien]
    BUGFIX: WebServer: solved problem with upload tooltips [DonGato]

    ausfürlich auf

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    eMulePlus 1g

    Download und ChangeLog unter

    Ciao Zaphod

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