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Thema: Wie gefährlich Opera wirklich ist (engl.)!!!

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    Wie gefährlich Opera wirklich ist (engl.)!!!

    "Sorry but Opera 7.11 is still not released - the first build had bugs that was detected in the last moment

    Here's a brief account of what happened after I installed Opera 7.11.

    Opera appeared on my screen and for the very first time an upgrade had preserved all my custom toolbar settings! My joy was brief, however. As soon as I clicked my first bookmark, my monitor exploded in a fiery cloud of dust. If I hadn't been wearing my shaded "nerd" glasses, shards of glass might have damaged my eyes! Note: Opera 7.11 really ought to blow up monitors in a more user-friendly way. The present implementation is a disgrace!

    Out of the smoldering hole in what once was my screen stepped a small mannikin with a bald, bright red head and large pointed ears. In a thick accent, Norwegian or Welsh or Dutch maybe, he said something unintelligible that sounded like "Thou shalt NOT greedily downlott Oprah verzions thad haf NOT been offishely unnounzed." Note: there's something seriously wrong with localized voice support in Opera 7.11. A shame!

    The red gnome produced a spoon-size Viking axe, took a step forward and began furiously hacking away at my mouse and keyboard. Thanks to my nanosecond "nerd" reflexes, I could retract my click-finger just in time, otherwise I might have been seriously injured in one of my most vital parts. Note: these new radical mouse gestures in Opera 7.11 are overreactive, spontaneously triggering undesired events. Bah, an incredible oversight!

    I now saw what the angry red creature was trying to do. A little silvery bug was crawling along my keyboard, and he was trying to smash that bug with his axe. "Jaaah", he gloated, "Jaah! Zee verry verry last Oprah bug, zee verry last wan! Wee stamp you out for ghood! Not a zingle bug anymoor in this grate prroduct! Zee cuztomers shell bee happy!" Note: Opera 7.11 contains a little silvery bug. Such a bug does not belong in a final product. I will certainly report this to the proper authorities.

    The gnome finally hit the bug right on its shield. A green goo-ish substance splattered over my desk. Had I not been wearing my Hongkong- made "nerd" face cover, it might have splashed right into my surprised wide-open mouth, and would no doubt have made me sick. "Jajaah", the demon cried, "gotcha little monster!" He began dancing on the insect's remains. Note: This was not even a *known* bug. Opera got its priorities all wrong, as *known* bugs (better known as pets) ought to be trampled first. I will file a complaint!

    Now that the bug was killed, the smoke surrounding my monitor suddenly blew away, leaving behind a jagged hole in the screen. Through the hole I catched a glimpse of Opera's inner workings: intricate wheels and pulls and knobs and levers, and a whole army of micro-gnomes running around with mysterious packets at incredible speed. Only thanks to my "nerd" education I could make out, more or less, what they were doing. Note: this 7.11 open-source interface is still way too confusing for the average user. An intolerable design error!

    The little red devil jumped back through the hole and magically closed the glass behind him, like a skin. All looked normal again. I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead: what to do now? Go back to 7.10? No, my typical "nerd" judgement told me I'd better teach those bug-squashing Opera devils a severe lesson, once and for all. I would sorely miss all those wonderful 7.x features, but it was worth the price: I would go back to the only Opera version that ever was officially declared infallible, yeah even once was a nominee for sainthood in Rome. I would reinstall 3.62. Note: But 3.62 does not support DOM! It is a bloody unacceptable shame that Opera does not provide maintenance upgrades for older versions!

    At this point I awoke with a jolt from my nightmare, to find myself in my crumpled "nerd" bed. Unfortunately (please accept my apologies) it was just too late to cancel this post. Note: there is no "retract" button! A gruesome omission! I guess I will file a complaint!

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    das sonnige Südbaden :)

    AW: Wie gefährlich Opera wirklich ist (engl.)!!!


    Da klemmt sich Opera ja wirklich dahinter, auch den letzten, noch unbekannten Bug zu erwischen!

    Wann kann man sich endlich die "officially announced" 7.11 ziehen? Ich weiss nicht, ob meine Frau sich über so einen nordischen Gnom freuen würde...

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    "Provinz voll Leben"

    AW: Wie gefährlich Opera wirklich ist (engl.)!!!

    Die Chancen stehen gut, dass der Build, den ich in verpetzt habe, der "officially announced" wird. Die offizielle Seite mit dem Changelog liegt schon auf dem Server und der Build ist mittlerweile seit ca 5h online ohne wieder vom Server genommen worden zu sein.

    In der NG sind auch (noch) keine "Sowstopper" Bugs bekannt geworden und so langsam sollten auch alle Mirror gefüllt sein, so dass morgen die Rakete starten kann.

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