Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Für jabberj: Opera für MacOS x :)

12.02.02, 16:43
Weil Ihr Windowsjünger ja alle zu Opera gewechselt seid, versuche ich nun, die Apfelwelt zu bekehren :D
Heute Nachmittag neu:

The legendary speed of the Opera Web browser is now available on the
Macintosh in two flavors: PPC and Carbon. Opera for Mac is not only
fast, but flexible and easy to use, with a bright clean interface
implemented according to the Apple Design Guidelines.

Download Opera for Mac today: Enjoy a 30-day banner-free trial period.

Status: There are currently two Macintosh releases available: Opera
5.0 for Mac Final and Beta 4 for Mac OS X. To stay current on the
latest developments of Opera for Macintosh, subscribe to our

If you want to distribute Opera for Mac with CDs in magazines, please
register here. You will be added to our distribution mailing list and
get updates before new releases. If you want to get in touch with the
Opera Mac team directly, send an e-mail to mac-opera@opera.com. Please
do not send support questions to the Mac team, contact our Support
Desk for support related issues.

13.02.02, 12:48
Du bist ja schlimmer als die Zeugen Jehovas :lol

13.02.02, 12:58

13.02.02, 15:19