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13.03.03, 00:00

Version: 3.2.6
Betriebssystem: Linux
Dateigröße: 9.5 MB
Lizenz: OpenSource
Sprache: mehrsprachig
Zuletzt bearbeitet: 01.12.2009

Screenshot (http://www.gnomemeeting.org/admin/screenshots/latest/Ekiga_in_a_Call.png)

Download (http://www.ekiga.org/)

Umfangreiches Voice over IP Programm mit großen Funktionsumfang.

Kleiner Auszug:

H.323 compliant . GnomeMeeting supports H.245 Tunneling, Fast Start, auto answering of incoming calls, and do not disturb mode. GnomeMeeting supports the following audio codecs : LPC10, GSM-06.10, MS-GSM, G.711-Alaw, G.711-uLaw, G.726 and Speex . GnomeMeeting supports the following video codecs : H.261-QCIF et H.261-CIF .

Weiteres auf der Homepage:
Ekiga ~ Free your speech. (http://ekiga.org/index.php?rub=2)

23.03.08, 10:07
GnomeMeeting nennt sich jetzt Ekiga. :) Ekiga ~ Free your speech. (http://ekiga.org)

06.03.09, 20:45
Ekiga - Version: 3.1.0 - Update (http://blog.ekiga.net/?p=112)

The first beta of Ekiga 3.1.0 is now available on GNOME FTP.

Please note that I started the development of Ekiga 9 years ago.

Here is the list of changes :
Added support for the G.722 audio codec: G.722 is a 16 kHz wideband audio codec advertised as HD Voice by the famous Polycom. It is a great boost in quality and interoperability.
Added support for the CELT ultral-low delay audio codec: CELT delivers high quality audio at 32 kHz or 48 kHz, allowing to transmit music in high quality, with low delay and low bitrate.
Added support for SIP dialog-info notifications: they allow displaying notifications of incoming calls in the roster. With software like kamailio or Asterisk, it allows being informed of incoming calls reaching your colleagues.
Largely improved LDAP support: the OpenLDAP guys contributed several patches to provide state-of-the-art LDAP support in the Ekiga address book. The new code even supports authentication.
Added support to disable STUN detection: some routers do not need it anymore as they implement NAT traversal for SIP.
Killed the gconf_test_age test: when GConf was released, Ekiga was among the first to adopt it. That annoying ‘gconf error’ was a relique of those early times.
More efficient memory handling using gmref_ptr.
Better handling of multiple network interfaces with dynamic addition and removal.
libgnome is not required anymore when using GTK+ 2.14.
Many code cleanups, new GObjects, …

31.08.09, 15:25
Ekiga - Version: 3.2.5 - Update (http://www.ekiga.org/)

01.12.09, 23:26
Ekiga - Version: 3.2.6 - Update (http://www.ekiga.org/)