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21.06.04, 16:50

ene6 FTP Server v3.1.0.70 Released: 21/Jun/2004

[x] Server : Hostname may not be checked in IP Access list if client hostname is unavailable.
[x] Server : Authentication : prefix option not applied to account name.
[x] Server : Authentication against DB : Use simple quotes for SQL queries instead of double quotes.
[x] Server : LIST/NLST did not display the content of the folder passed in parameter if it was a folder.
[x] Server : LIST/NLST displayed GMT file time and not local file time.
[x] Server : RNFR/RNTO would not rename/move a file between 2 virtual folders.
[x] Server : g6_log_custom.dll would cause an access violation to be reported in the server if File log is enabled and filename is empty.
[x] Server : COM objects was not detecting Variant arguments from ASP script as strings.
[x] Server : Uploading a file farther than its size locked the file requiring a server restart to release it.
[x] Server : Session timeout not checked during AUTH negociation.
[x] Server : Downloading a file without enough credits locked the file requiring a server restart to release it.
[x] Admin : IPs and [::] won't be striken out anymore in IP bindings.
[x] Admin : Activity/View log option was not always saved for each server.
[x] Admin : New password was not set when copying an admin user.
[x] Admin : An error could be raised when displaying admin users in Administration/users when there is no user defined.
[x] Admin : The main menu could not be accessed after changing the interface language.

Server : COMPRESSION feat changed to MODE Z (see : http://www.G6FTPServer.com/?page=modez)
Server : "SITE PSWD oldpass newpass" will now be seen as "SITE PSWD **** ****" in logs.
Server : g6_auth_nt.dll and g6_pswd_nt.dll do not require the interactive privilege anymore.
Server : Required AUTH message is more informative when account must be used with a secured connection.
Server : Time of day access : a range 00:00:00 -> 23:59:59 will not disconnect users if next day is open at 00:00:00.
Admin : "Impersonate" option moved from "User / Advanced" to "User / Password"; option is displayed when "Authenticate against NT database" is selected.
Admin : Autorefresh is automatically disabled if text is being selected or vertical scrollbar is not at the bottom of the page, then re-enabled automatically.
Admin : Log display keeps records of received lines to not refresh when it is not needed and to only receive new lines.
Installer : current languages.sib is moved to \backup at install to prevent using outdated language.
Installer : languages.sib is now only installed if selected language is French. This should prevent problems with some languages when using English from the .sib file.

[+] Server : SSCN command to support SSL server to server transfers.
[+] Server : Added OnEvery05Minutes event.
[+] Server : Verbose information in log about NT authentication status.
[+] Server : g6_fs_ftp.dll : Support for explicit SSL via ftps://user:pass@ip:port/.
[+] Server : Added "Only redirect PASV IP for secure connection" option to deal with routers modifying PASV parameters when they should not.
[+] Admin : "Impersonate" option added in "NT user database" authentication setup.
[+] Admin : Font and colours can now be changed for logs (see Options in Administrator client).
[+] Admin : Compression level (when using MODE Z) can be setup in Domain / Transfer speed settings for Lists and Downloads separately.
[+] Admin : Added a warning when setting up a simple administrator with an empty Base folder.
[+] Admin : Autorefresh for History page.

[i] Languages.sib updated for MODE Z settings and Admin / Option new settings.

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