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18.06.04, 22:15
Hab mit der neuen Version gleich mal MODE Z getestet.
Hier die Ergebnisse, die ich Matthieu soeben geschickt habe:

Here some results of a quick test

Client: FileZilla 2.2.7a with TLS enabled and MODE Z at level 8 for all transfers
Server: G6 3.1.0 build 67 with SSL enabled and same MODE Z setting for list and download

TLS/SSL connection?: Yes

Test tool for measurement: NetMeter (beta 2)

Testfile: 9,5MB textfile

Data transfer at "High" server compression: 1,50MB *
Data transfer at "Normal" server compression: 1,59MB
Data transfer at "Low" server compression: 2,23MB
Data transfer at "No" server compression: aborted by me >3MB

* Download speed is only ~55% of normal speed.

EDIT: Seine Antwort

Be aware that zlib at high will use a lot more of cpu, and also more with ssl enabled so you have to choose between cpu usage and bandwidth usage. Also note that the server does not apply the request of the client to set the level so the level you set in the server will always override client's request.